2021 February 22

Suffering. For Me, It’s Personal

Amy Orr-Ewing A few days ago, I walked behind a casket into a funeral service, carrying a five-month-old baby girl in my arms. Her mother was in the casket. My dear friend Brenda has just died. She was 36

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AshAsh and dustAsh and dust and broken trustPuffs of Grey eddieswith embers spent Grab, burnWhat will you burn downSomehow to rage roundExpunge by flameagain and again Lament is deaths breath in my lungsGrief stretched spannedBridge from life to nothingnessYesterday’s

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Unity in the Anglican Church

Charles Raven For the media, what makes the Anglican Church, or to be more precise, the Anglican Communion, newsworthy is its potential for schism and we cannot dismiss this as mere sensationalism. Journalists may not always have a strong

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Found By God

When you feel lost, remember the time in which you were first found by God. Today, many Christians feel lost. The world feels new and scary. This feeling of disorientation – personal, cultural – is nothing new for God’s

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The Integrity of the Anglican Church

by Charles Raven What gives Anglicanism its integrity? In this article, Charles Raven shows that this is ultimately a question of where we look for authority. Integrity can be understood both in the sense of being fit for purpose, for

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