• April 26, 2024

(By Alex Uzoigwe)

      The Anglican Bishop of Diocese of Nnewi, Anambra State, the Rt Rev Ndubuisi Obi, has chided the Church for what he called the embarrassing level of ignorance pervading the society, especially among Christians.
     He drew long face concerning what he queried that should inhibit the church from exposing members to basic theological knowledge as well as knowledge of local and international issues.
     Bishop Obi expressed the indictment in the homily he said at the funeral church service of the late Sir Eddy Emedosi held at the Basilica of St Andrew's, Odoakpu, Onitsha, today, Thursday, April 25, 2024.
     Voicing his indignation over the apparent cloud of ignorance in the society, he wondered why the average church members should exhibit a high level of ignorance by not knowing certain current issues and correctly interpreting same.
      He reminded the church that Jesus Christ in His time did not allow His followers to be in the dark over basic facts and certain-sure to happen phenomena.
     According to him, "Christ fought ignorance by teaching His disciplines fundamental truths, and He started much earlier to expose them to the teachings".
    "So, I don't know why the church should shy away from exposing members to basic theological and international issues", the bishop remarked, insisting that church members should be taught local and global politics even from the pulpit.
        Earlier Bishop Obi had showered encomiums on the late Sir Emedosi, describing him as a good Christian and a perfect human administrator "With attractive personality and fine humour".
      He encouraged his widow, Lady Peace, and his children not to mourn like people with hope, but, instead for them to uphold the virtues which he said the deceased left them as legacies. 
     Over 4,000 persons attended the funeral church service.

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