• Korede Akintunde
  • November 24, 2023

The All-Africa Conference of Churches (AACC) has resolved to continue to monitor the early signs of conflicts and acts of violence in Africa. They stated their commitment to tackling migration and trafficking in person; both in prevention and response to survivors of human trafficking, to advocate for investing and empowering youth, and to promote gender equity and justice.

These resolutions were announced on Wednesday, during the 12th AACC General Assembly which began on Sunday 19th November at the National Christian Centre, Abuja, Nigeria. The AACC has convened 204 members; churches and Christian Councils in 43 African countries into a dynamic fellowship Since its emergence in 1963.

The conference’s general assembly discussion was led by the President of AACC, Rt. Rev. Arnold Temple.

According to him “AACC and member churches must continue to monitor early warning signs of conflicts in Africa. The violent conflicts in Africa are a significant ecumenical concern and a detriment to ‘silencing the guns’ in Africa,”

Bishop Temple further emphasized the dire need to pay attention to the impact of armed conflicts on women and children, particularly the use of women as weapons of war.

“AACC and AACC Members should create safe spaces where women can share their experiences and insights, should Educate and equip women through theological basis for gender in Christianity, work in and form alliances in its work seeking gender equity and gender justice, He asserted.

Furthermore, Bishop Temple Addressed the issue of migration and trafficking; “The AACC and its Members are committed to responding both in prevention and in response to survivors of human trafficking”, he stated.

Meanwhile, in the ongoing struggle against Gender-based violence and gender justice, the AACC adopted the Anti-GBV campaign and affirmed the critical issues surrounding GBV in Africa.

“We must continuously pay attention to the needs of marginalized groups of women and give them a voice and safe spaces

“The AACC should continue to speak out against institutionalized prejudice and mistreatment of women while expanding advocacy for equal opportunities for women,” Temple added.

The Assembly deliberated on several ways to empower the youth, the importance of addressing push factors like youth unemployment and the creation of entrepreneurial skills, to ensure their enormous contribution which can be key in the continent.

On the environmental front, the Assembly adhered to the necessity of moving the conversation about creation care from paper to reality, recognizing the vital link between environmental protection, food security, and alternative energy sources.

Lastly, AACC also pledged to promote disability studies in theological seminaries and support people with disabilities who wish to pursue self-employment.

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