• July 3, 2017

The Primate of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) invites applications from suitably qualified candidates for the Office of the General Secretary of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion).

The General Secretary, who shall not be a Vicar of any parish, shall be the Head of the Church of Nigeria Secretariat and will be directly responsible to the Primate. He will be required to fulfil the following functions:

1. Coordinate all administrative matters of the Church of Nigeria and the day-to-day activities of the Secretariat.
2. Process matters from the Provinces/Dioceses for the Primate’s consideration.
3. Coordinate the activities of the departments/directorates/units at the Episcopal House or Secretariat.
4. Coordinate and Provide Secretarial support services at all the national ecclesiastical meetings i.e. General Synod, Standing Committees, etc.
5. Maintain close liaison with the Secretariat of GAFCON, the Global South, CAPA, ACO and other international bodies as directed by the Primate.
6. Initiate and craft appropriate policies with the understanding of the Primate.
7. And be responsible for information dissemination and implementation of policies and decisions of the Church of Nigeria.
8. Coordinate all Registry matters.
9. Be responsible for keeping records and update the data of Archbishops/Bishops, and
10. Perform any other duties assigned to him by the Primate.

I. Candidate shall be a clergyman not below the status of an Archdeacon and in good standing in any diocese of the Church of Nigeria,
II. Shall have been fully trained in a recognized theological college of the Church of Nigeria,
III. And shall be in full time pastoral ministry with at least 15 years of parish experience,
IV. He must be well educated and possess good administrative skills, with a good understanding of Anglican Polity and broad knowledge of Church life,
V. He must be computer literate and proficient in the use of Microsoft word, Excel and Power point software for analysis and report writing as well as the use of the social media for information dissemination,
VI. He must be fluent and skilful in written and spoken English,
VII. The applicant must be of noble behaviour, detribalized and of impeccable character,
VIII. He must have a good family,
IX. Shall have clear understanding of the Church of Nigeria, the worldwide Anglican Communion and the GAFCON movement,
X. Must have proven record of effective administration and ability to use discretion appropriately,
XI. Must be friendly with ability to work in a team.

All applications must be endorsed/supported by the applicant’s Bishop and Archbishop.
Interested candidates are required to send their applications indicating interest and how they meet the criteria along with a copy of Curriculum Vitae, 2 passport size photographs and names and contact details of 3 referees one from a former teacher at university/theological college or clergyman, a bishop and a respectable lay person, attesting to character, ministerial experience and ability.

Deadline for submission of Application by post and email.
Friday 28th July 2017 at 2pm to the addresses below:

Please email your application to:-

[email protected]

[email protected]

Post to:-
The General Secretary,
Episcopal House,
Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion)
24 Douala Street
P.O. Box 212 ADCP,
Wuse Zone 5,

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