• Ngozi Maduoma
  • August 30, 2017


The Rt. Rev. Samuel Ezeofor, Bishop Diocese of Ogbaru Anglican Communion has re-iterated that God is Yaweh, Jehovah Elohim the one who speaks and it comes to pass, a great God with credibility and integrity that no one questions him, because he is the beginning and the end.

The Rt. Rev. Samuel Ezeofor, Bishop Diocese of Ogbaru Anglican Communion

Speaking on the theme “I will not forget you at the monthly power night vigil programme of Diocese of Abuja, at St. Matthew’s Church, Gwarinpa, Bishop Ezeofor said there are many terrible things happening in the world that make people feel that God has forgotten them, like lingering leadership crisis, protracted illness severe sickness and suffering leading to euthanasia (Mercy killing) failures in marriage, in business, jamb failure, persecution etc. He said that although secrets of the world are hidden and nobody knows what tomorrow holds yet God is every faithful whatever he says he will do he will surely do it.

The ebullient preacher, who quoted the bible profusely cited the example of Israel while in affliction of bondage for many years but Israel cried and groaned and how God Almighty responded immediately by sending Moses to deliver his people from slavery and bondage.

He said because God holds the entire world in his hands his personality and authority is awesome no wonder then he created the world from nothing and the world came to existence by fiat.

Bishop of Ogbaru Diocese said God is not limited by time and space he can use everything at his disposal to overturn the precarious situation of the forsaken; who is already taking offence.

The preaching was full of so many life experiences shared which touched the lives of hundreds of people that attended the monthly Abuja Diocese Power Night. Never a dull moment no sleeping, no dosing, no slumbering because of the methodical standing, sitting, clapping, singing and dancing people were asking for more.

The St. Matthew’s Church, Gwarinpa was full to the brim and people outside the Church were adequately taken care of.

Prayers were said intermittently for the church, families, the nation, with decrees and prophetic declarations.

The memorable night also featured rendition of special numbers, testimonies intense prayers for all sorts of affliction and afflicted with prophetic declarations that their lives will take a new turn.

People trooped out to the altar side for deliverance prayers and people’s lives were touched and they went back home happy and rejoicing.

It was a night that cannot be forgotten in a hurry.

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