• June 1, 2020


The Primate of All Nigeria, Anglican Communion, the Most Rev’d Henry C. Ndukuba has admonished Christians to recognize that they are not mere individuals, but carriers of God, in the person of His Holy Spirit; and as such, God is depending on them to do great exploits in His name.

He gave this admonition at the Pentecost day service recorded at the Cathedral Church of the Advent, Life Camp, Abuja. Primate Ndukuba, who spoke on the topic, “The Spirit is poured upon, the making of God’s instruments”, explained that the Spirit of God is not of timidity, but of boldness; a Spirit that gives life, not death. He pointed out that believers are instruments, which God uses to turn around lives and situations here on earth; but according to him, that individual must be pure and open to God.

Primate Ndukuba emphasized that the fire of the Holy Ghost is a refining fire that is able to burn off every chaff and purify every vessel that has accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. He asserted that the Holy Spirit gives believers, the ability to become instruments of God and the power to serve Him, honour Him and walk with Him. He added that all who are baptized in the Holy Spirit, bear His fruit, manifest His gifts and testify boldly about Jesus Christ.

According to Primate Ndukuba, God wants Christians to be fruitful, and to live in abundance and victory; but the believer must be willing to allow the Holy Spirit to purge him or her daily and make him or her a worthy vessel for the Master’s use.

The Primate drew a timeline of the things that took place from the creation of man to man’s fall, his redemption, Christ’s ascension and then the gift of the Holy Spirit; stating that the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on Jesus’ disciples made things that were impossible become possible. He said the only power that could help believers resist the enemy and to manifest what God wants to do in their time and world is by the Holy Spirit. Thus, he urged Christians to yearn for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, because according to him, no demon can resist the presence of God.

The Archbishop highlighted the different categories of man in the Bible – the natural man, carnal man and spiritual man; explaining that the natural man is man in his raw Adamic sinful nature. He stated that the natural man is guided by the flesh and so, he or she cannot understand the things of God or please Him. Primate Ndukuba observed that carnal Christians are the ones who cause problems in the Church and hold the Church back from doing exploits, because of their unwillingness to let go of the things of the flesh.

He said, “The world can only change, if sons and daughters of God begin to manifest the power of God.”

The Most Rev’d Ndukuba described the wilderness life as a dry life that is devoid of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. He said such is the life of any natural man, no matter his or her status or what he or she might have acquired in life. He stressed that the spiritual man knows the Lord, and that through the help of the Holy Spirit, such a person is able to be in tune with God, to think His thoughts, know His ways and walk rightly with Him.

Lastly, he said God has poured out His Spirit, and is in search of vessels, instruments here on earth, to pour Himself into, that they might become messengers of the gospel.

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