• June 3, 2020


The Most Rev’d Emmanuel Egbunu, Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Lokoja has cautioned the Church against having the mindset that the Holy Spirit has been sent to serve believers or that Christians are to direct Him as they please.

He sounded this note of caution in a message for the 2020 Pentecost Sunday. The Archbishop, who observed that some men of God address the Holy Spirit as if they are ordering a subordinate, termed it “irreverent” to do so; because according to him, the Holy Spirit is divine.

Archbishop Egbunu said, “He is the third Person of the Godhead, the Holy Trinity and He has a specific role description agreed upon by the Godhead, which cannot be adjusted, modified, or manipulated by anyone whatever his rank.”

The Bishop of Lokoja emphasized that because it is the Holy Spirit’s greatest commitment to glorify God, just as the Lord, Jesus Christ, evangelism is also a priority to Him; and so, He expects this to be the mission and passion of every child of God. He explained that the gifts of the Spirit are for the purposes and glory of God, not that of any man; adding that such spiritual gifts are for the growth of the Church of God and for the perfection of the body of Christ.

Therefore, according to him, “Whatever does not bring glory to God – however amazing and impactful it is, the Holy Spirit cannot be involved.”

He warned Church leaders who continue to impose their selfish agenda on the Church to desist from it or otherwise face the judgement of God on the last day.

The Most Rev’d Emmanuel Egbunu who cited that the day of Pentecost was fifty days after the resurrection and ten days after the ascension of Christ, noted that the day is generally considered to be the birthday of the Church. He quoted copiously from the scriptures, highlighting that the coming of the Holy Spirit was in fulfillment of God’s promise made through Prophet Joel in the Old Testament and Jesus Christ in the New Testament. This, he said, proves that God does not make vain promises or make promises just to raise the hopes of believers.

He said, “No promise of God is too good to be true. No matter how many hundreds of years pass, God’s promises remain true and potent.”

Archbishop Egbunu described the Holy Spirit as the Helper and Spirit of Truth, who regenerates, indwells, helps, teaches, inspires, sanctifies, transforms, empowers, enables, intercedes, energises and revives all who believe in Jesus Christ.

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