• June 19, 2018

By Ven Foluso Taiwo

There is a popular Adage that if you throw a knife up a thousand and one times it will continue to land with the blade.

This Jerusalem GAFCON Conference 2018 holding in Jerusalem makes it the 3rd time of my visiting the Holy Land and seeing some places which Our Lord Jesus Christ himself Traversed. These three times have proved beyond reasonable doubt that the Biblical promise of God hat of all the Nations of the world He has chosen Israel as His own is eternally true, it is not a Ruse. That promise is as faithful as God himself.
Israel is just like the word of God. It is New every day. I kept my eyes wide open and my ears to the ground. What did I find? Discipline, resourcefulness, Commitment, Neatness, Good Roads Good transportation, Road and Rail, Electricity 24 hours, Good drinking portable water, and Industry.With ingenuity and steady growth in Technological feats, the land of Israel manipulated and put to good use the hitherto land locked, valleys and desert place to beautiful sceneries with 5-star hotels and modest high rise buildings with uniform National cream colours all over the country.
In Israel, Traffic laws are obeyed, there is no jumping the que, there is orderliness, Israel smells New Largely, there is Peace in the tourism rich Country, with tourists trooping in all year round. In fact tourists from America and China flew in with us from Ethiopia where we had a stop-over for about four hours.
The journey to GAFCON Jerusalem 2018, from Nigeria started on Thursday14th June with the first batch comprising the Primate and his entourage. Second batch of Bishops, the Clergy and the laity, left the shores of Nigeria on Friday 14th and got to Israel around 5am on Saturday which is observed as Sabbath day after a stop-over in ADISABABA. The strict observance of the Sabbath led to the dead serenity of the city. The third batch left Nigeria Saturday and got to Israel in the Wee hours of Sunday the 17th of June.

In his message to the Regional meeting of Arch Bishops, Bishops ,the Clergy and the lay delegates that formed the Contingent from Nigeria to the conference the Primate of All Nigeria The Most Rev Dr Nicholas D Okoh who is also the incumbent Chairman of GAFCON, after throwing some banters addressed them laying on the table some of the movement and conference regulations to follow while in the holy land, quite a mouthful and very educative.

A 31-member standing Choir from Nigeria drawing its members from Abuja Awka , Onitsha and Lagos gave us a taste of what to expect at the conference rendering some melodious tunes with their sonorous voices, It was something-else. The Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion has been saddled with the task of rendering Hymns songs and special Solo performances during the 6-day Conference.
Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON) is holding it’s third Conference in Jerusalem between 17 and 23rd June 2018 with the Theme” Proclaiming Christ Faithfully to the Nations”
The first GAFCON was held in Jerusalem 10 years ago. What began as a rescue mission are now established as the orthodox majority of the Anglican Communion.

The second Conference of GAFCON took place at the All Saints Cathedral Church in Kenya five years ago in 2014.
This Conference promises to inspire Orthodox Anglicans around the world and be united as the faithful witness of Jesus Christ, a Boost not a Bane to the Communion.

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