• Ngozi Maduoma
  • June 2, 2017


The Rt. Rev. Paul Udogu, Bishop of Afikpo Missionary diocese has reiterated that the devil is restless causing havoc as a thief that is on the prowl, going to and fro to steal, kill and destroy.

He gave this emphasis at the monthly power night vigil of the Diocese of Abuja held at All Saint’s Church, Wuse Zone 5, Abuja. Speaking on the theme, “Binding the Strong Man,” the Bishop of Afikpo Anglican diocese said the Church today needs a great zeal to fight the enemy hands down and not with kid gloves. He said the resume of the ministry of Jesus is teaching, healing and delivering all who are being tortured by the enemy.

He corroborated the words of the bible when he said that many people are in the congregation today immaculately dressed, paying their tithes, and serving in committees when actually they are agents of the devil. He cited so many examples and testimonies of people who have been tortured by the devil but delivered by God Almighty. He said the scepter of wickedness must be uprooted, hence strategies should be harnessed to bind the strongman; adding that the Church must brace up for war against the wiles of the devil by being strong in the Lord and be consecrated so that the fire in the altar will keep burning.

He opined that the Boko Haram is fighting war against the cross, hence the children of God must fortify themselves because battle is not fought with empty hands but by putting the armour of God, the word of God which is the defensive weapon. He said there is need for righteousness, not self- righteousness.

According to him, to bind the strongman Christians should be protected with the breastplate of righteousness, take shield of faith, the sword of the Spirit, which is sharper than two edged sword. These, according to him, can fight the devil to stand still.

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