• Korede Akintunde
  • February 8, 2024

The Primate of the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, The Most Revd. Dr. Henry Ndukuba charged all Christians to Flee away from lusts of the flesh; pursue righteousness, faith, love peace, and call on the LORD out of a pure heart.

Archbishop Ndukuba made this call during his presidential address, at the ongoing Standing Committee Meeting of the Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion, themed “WHO IS ON THE LORD’S SIDE: CONTENDING WITH THE APOSTASY OF OUR GENERATION”. [EXODUS 32:25 – 29].”

According to Primate Ndukuba Apostasy is the renunciation of a belief or set of beliefs. “In Roman Catholicism, an Apostate refers to someone who after having received sacred orders, renounces his Clerical profession or sacred Order.
“The Church is confronted by Backsliding, denial of the Faith, and turning away from God to dumb Idols and Cultural practices that are inimical to the Word of God and the Faith in God, especially in the adoption of Lifestyles and practices that are contrary to the Sound Doctrine and the Word of God.”
Archbishop Ndukuba affirmed, that whoever responds to the Divine summon is thereby recruited for God’s Kingdom service, A service that requires total consecration to the Living God, he added.

Primate Ndukuba cited Exodus, chapter 32, as one of the remarkable moments in the Wilderness for Israel, also using Moses as a fundamental example In responding to the Call to be on God’s side. He said, “By faith Moses forsook Egypt, not fearing the wrath of the King [Pharoah]; for he endured as seeing Him who is Invisible”. He added that the focus must be on the Eternal Reward and God Himself is our Great Reward and Portion.

He said “The important incidences in the life of Israel, shaped them as the people of God; from the call and walk with God distilled which into Patriarchal Covenant with God. The experience of Slavery and Deliverance from Egypt under Moses and the experience of the Wilderness Journey of Forty years to the Promised Land.

“It was indeed in the Wilderness that Israel through many experiences was drawn to become a unique people of God, a people that were in a Covenant Relationship with God. They received the Laws and Commandments, Promises, Divine provision, and God’s very Presence which no other people or nation has ever received such favour. Then “When Moses realized that Israel had committed a grievous sin, he came back to the Camp determined to deal with the Error of Aaron and Israel.

Speaking further, the primate stated “Moses the servant of God stood outside the Camp and called out to the people saying “WHOEVER IS ON THE LORD’S SIDE, COME TO ME!!”.

He emphasized that it is a wakeup call, that demands urgent response because spiritual slumber can cause people to remain in bondage of Darkness even when they are set free by Christ Jesus. According to him, “It was a Divine summon to wake up and walk out of darkness to the marvellous light of the Glory of God.
“For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the LORD. Walk as children of light, [for the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness, righteousness, and truth] always searching out to find out what is acceptable to the LORD and have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.”

Primate Ndukuba highlighted some signs of the Second Coming of the LORD Jesus Christ which are; increase in Apostasy or the falling away from the Faith of Christ, the promotion of ungodly lifestyles, the occultic practices, and the manifestations of wickedness.

Concluding, he urged believers to take their faith seriously, to resume the task of intentional Discipleship and the Teaching of the Word of God as the sure foundation for Faith. “When we build on this Rock even when the storms and flood come the House shall stand and not fall.” He added.

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