Solution To Problems Of Nigeria Is Not In The Hands Of Politicians But In The Hands Of Christians – Ven. Prof. Onwochie

  • Ngozi Maduoma
  • October 29, 2018


Unbelief is a devastating factor of retrogression that affects relationship with God because unbelief questions His integrity and distracts the unwary.

This was the resume of the submission of the Ven. Professor Pic Onwochie, the guest preacher at the monthly night vigil of the Diocese of Abuja Anglican Communion Power Night that was held at the Basilica of Grace Church Gudu district, Apo.

Speaking on the theme, “Unbelief is Deadly,” he admonished Christians to stay focused on where they are going and not be distracted by those who are going nowhere; adding that part of the problem in Christendom is distraction.

The Professor of the University of Jos who cited so many instances of unbelief and repercussions in the Bible said unbelief can set in because of delay in answer. He opined that the trouble with unbelief is that it will not only affect the owner but also affect those who lean on him for support. The erudite scholar believes that unbelief prolongs the fortunes or what God has patterned and purposed for man. He cited the case of Abraham and Sarah, Jacob and the rest and how Jacob in doubt said in Genesis 28:20, “If God will be with me.” He said because of this unbelief, problem followed him for 20 years.

The Professor called on the congregation to examine themselves, which area of their lives have they concluded in unbelief “Why do I wait for God again.” He affirmed that it is unbelief that is responsible for Christians not leading people in darkness to Christ. No wonder, the Ven. Prof. Onwochei said unbelief is cheating on Christians today to the extent that what God has promised has not come to pass to this day. He called on Christians to renew their faith with full vigour for success to be theirs.

Talking about the state of the nation, the ebullient cleric said the solution to the problems of Nigeria is not in the hands of politicians because they are as confused as any other person. He said the solutions to Nigeria’s problems lie in the hands of Christians. He gave kudos to women who he described as very detailed. The Venerable Professor said God deliberately made man incomplete so that the wife would find a space to cover him; because they provide what men lacks. He called on men to work wholeheartedly because a Christian who does not work is a disgrace to Jesus. He said although God can do without any man, but if he has picked a man to work for Him, there should be no looking back, because according to him, quoting the Scriptures, “He who lays his hands on the plough and looks back is not fit for the kingdom.”

Never a dull moment, the night was full of God’s touch, with earth moving prayers for the nation, warfare prayers for families and the Church. Testimonies were given about the goodness of the God. It was a night to remember.

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