• Ngozi Maduoma
  • July 24, 2017


If you look at the word, ‘restructure,’ if you put three people who are asking for restructuring, they have different meaning about what restructuring is and to that extent I cannot say I am supporting restructuring. The simple logic is thus like we do say in those days, if you are earning N 20 and you cannot save something out of it, if you are given N 100 you will not be able to save. Those who are saying restructuring is the problem of Nigeria, I do not agree with them. When the colonial people were here, were they members of our tribes? They left legacy for us and many of the legacies have been destroyed.
During the military regime, those who were ruling then were civilians not soldiers; 90% were civilians not soldiers. Who were at the local governments, the civil service, who were the commissioners? If you had one military governor, he had his aide and three military assistance, then the rest were civilians but they now heap all the blames on military regime. So, don’t let anybody fool you about restructuring.
They came about change and when the thing is not working, they are now advocating for restructuring. Even those who were against restructuring now say when we do restructuring things will be alright. Most of these states are governed by indigent indigenous people and they were given money. What did they do with their money? So, don’t let anybody fool us, we are not all fools. Those who are advocating restructuring are deceiving Nigerians. Let them stop deception and deliver with the little they have. Even the first Republic that they are now calling golden era, I was not too young at that time, I know my age. Was it not the problem of who is getting 50% that led to the first coup? Was it lack of restructuring that brought operation Wet – e in the West, that brought rigging that brought inflation of census results? People should not deceive people that were not born at that time in the 1st Republic; it was not a golden era for those who know what happened at that time.
What we need to restructure is our mind, our idea. When people say when you give me 100% resources, I will do wonders, it is a lie from the pit of hell. What they give them now, they are not doing anything with it. Our local governments are not working, yet they receive money, they submit budget.


There are three kinds of Priests; those who are called by God and those who called themselves, they own the Church, they call themselves founder, they use Church work as a means of gathering money, they are working not serving. They serve themselves. They own properties on earth and are not ready to deny themselves.
When Missionaries came, they founded schools and today many of the schools run by Churches even the poor cannot afford to go there. So, they gather money, they buy jets, they build houses, they go out with escorts like politicians, they serve themselves. Unfortunately, in this country we have imbibed the traditions of America.
The British system left for us nobody should use Church money for self; if there is money, you use it for charity, old people’s home, orphanages, lepers’ colony etc. Workers in the Church receive stipends when the British were here till tomorrow they are doing it in Britain. But, when we imbibed the American system and American constitution, there is freedom for everybody and the Church is now incorporated. When you see a Pastor, the wife is the treasurer, the son is the secretary. Go to Corporate Affairs Commission, you will see them, they are working for themselves. The third category of people are those Satan sent to the Church.
They come as ministers, but they come to destabilize the Church of God. Even in our own Anglican Communion, you know what is happening there over homosexuality. Some of the people propagating this homosexuality are Bishops, Archbishops, they have come to destabilize the Church. When you are called for service, you serve where God has sent you. Most of the people you see are not in the rural areas, they are in the cities; some of them are one Church pastors and they call themselves Archbishops. Unfortunately, these are the people that have access to our leaders and our leaders go to their Churches. So, where do you caution them? Ministry of Christ is a call to service; you are called to serve. Jesus Christ served and laid his life for us. Therefore, any ministry that is not for service is for something else.

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