• Ngozi Maduoma
  • December 6, 2019


The Primate of all Nigeria Anglican Communion, the Most Rev. Nicholas D. Okoh has urged Nigerians to celebrate Christmas with the hope that the country would be better. He encouraged Nigerians not to lose hope, but believe that God would intervene in human matters and make things right in the nation.

Primate Okoh, who spoke with the press at the Chapel of the Resurrection, Wuye, Abuja after the 2019 Service of Christmas Carol and Nine Lessons of the Chapel of the Advent, Episcopal House, Abuja, further advised Christians to apply wisdom and restraint in their spending during the Christmas and New Year celebrations; explaining that discipline is a part of life.

He said, “Whatever you are celebrating, remember that the responsibilities of daily life will still be there.”

The Venerable Oludare Otoki, the supervising priest of Maitama Archdeaconry and Vicar of St. Matthew’s Anglican Church, Maitama, Abuja who preached at the service called on modern preachers to note that Jesus Christ will save people from their sins and not in their sins.

The Archdeacon emphasized that Jesus Christ came to save mankind from sin and therefore all who receive Him as Lord and Saviour shall be saved. He said that anyone who refuses to acknowledge the Lordship of Jesus Christ is dead and living in darkness. According to him, Jesus is the true light and anyone who follows Him cannot work in darkness.

The preacher charged Christians not to pay attention to all those who are ignorant about the Trinity or about the Sonship of Jesus; stating that every knee would soon bow to the name of Jesus. He said Jesus is reigning and He would reign forever. He explained that Jesus is the uncreated creator, who created all things and is Lord of all.

Describing light as knowledge and darkness as ignorance, the cleric said that persecution comes from darkness and darkness can never overcome light. He said darkness signifies confusion, which is why one cannot use natural things to understand the things of God.

The Venerable Otoki concluded his sermon on the theme, “The light of the world” with questions for all who are celebrating Christmas. He said, “Have you accepted this light, are you reflecting this light and will Jesus approve of your method of celebration?”

He appealed to the clergy and laity to start to reflect Christ in all they do, because according to him, darkness is only the absence of light.

Highpoint of the service was the rendition of Christmas Hymns by the Choirs and congregation, and the reading of Bible passages that tell the story of the birth of Jesus Christ.

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