• February 27, 2018

The Anglican Bishop of Amichi Diocese, the Rt. Rev. Ephraim Ikeakor has submitted that people without Christ are like strayed dogs ravaging the society.

The Anglican Bishop of Amichi Diocese, the Rt. Rev. Ephraim Ikeakor

Bishop Ikeakor gave this vivid submission at the Day 1 of the weeklong annual programme “WAY OF THE CROSS” of the Diocese of Abuja at the Cathedral Church of the Advent Life Camp Abuja.

He said this generation is so confused that terrible idolatory nasty things is contaminating the Church with ‘Captives’ using music to drive God from the Church. According to the Ebullient Preacher, it is a dancing generation, with emotional Christianity and satanic dancing in vogue, things have terribly turned upside down in the name of prosperity message, and digitalization.

The Bishop of Amichi Diocese in Anambra State said the devil is taking the Bible from the Church thus making Christians to be nonentities and incapacitated just like dogs with shameless quarrelsome attitudes. He affirmed that life without Christ is a life of indescribable Captivity, where sin graduates, in arrogance, Anger, Shameless Sexual immorality, Pathological Lying, pitiable state without hope.

He urged all Christians to have spiritual intimacy and connectivity with God adding that this is the easiest key to enjoy prosperity instead of being a stronger to covenants of God. He concluded by saying that a sinner who refuses to repent is making God sorrowful because they are wretched adding that Jesus waiting to receive the lost and that is the good news.

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