• December 31, 2018


The Bishop of the Diocese of Maidiguri (Anglican Communion) the Rt Rev Emmanuel Morris has said that there must be a continuous driving force in the Church of God for the Mission and vision to flourish, for sins to reduce drastically and for focus to multiply.

Bishop Morris made this statement at the monthly night vigil of the Diocese of Abuja (Anglican Communion) at the All Saints Church Wuse Zone 5, Abuja, the last for the year 2018.

He said Christians must be conscious of the total overhauling of the soul on daily basis in obedience in preparation for eternal Kingdom.

The retired military officer said it is unfortunate that people in the Church today use their money to sponsor and invest in sin yet they wrongly, accused Satan, they lie against him.

The Rt Rev. Morris said that Christians must find a resting place for their soul by attacking habitual manners that leads to sin adding that it is not prayers that can do this but obedience, living for the Lord not living for sin with impunity which has become fun. He warned that sin must be got rid off because Jesus is coming very soon and this must be taken seriously.

He called on Christians to always crave for integrity, according to him a leader without integrity is like a vessel without content and a Christian without spirituality is like a vessel without content.

He said the journey to heaven begins from the earth, hence the Church must be above board warning that Christians must not serve the devil in the Church adding that the Church must agree on the premise to be a blessed Church and agree on how to pray unceasing prayer facing God seriously serving him adding that going to heaven is with a condition, serving God in faith and in truth is a must.

He said Christians must see God in his nature because the new heaven is a better place, no curse there but blessing because the devil has no place there and there will be no war accusation because all the Saints have been delivered from the work of sin.  He called on all Christians to work hard to get to new heaven where Jesus Christ would be the light and when in this world they should be the light, the living Epistle to be able to get to heaven through the express way we must be righteous conquer the lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, operating in the spirit because the joy of the Lord is the joy of the Church. This joy he said must be worked for.

He opined that many a Christian do not deserve the blessing they enjoy adding that Salvation is free but it is not cheap, saying for something to be done something has to be done and position must be taken now because Jesus is coming again as a judge.

He urged the people to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all they are clamoring for in the world shall be added.

He prayed that God will create in them a new and contrite hearts.

The ebullient preacher approached the theme with profuse quotations from the scriptures. Never a dull moment, souls were touched, there were testimonies of the goodness of God. Prayers of thanksgiving were said for the year 2018 that ended, people gave their lives. It was a time to say all is well that ends well.

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