• Ngozi Maduoma
  • September 22, 2016


“According to the standard of God there is no mediocrity in Christianity and the ministry, it is either you are a Christian or you are of the devil.” The Rt. Revd. Chigozirim Onyegbule Bishop of Ikwuano Diocese stressed this while delivering his homily at day 3 Holy Eucharist service of the Standing Committee meeting held at the Cathedral Church of St. Faith Awka, Anambra state.

He noted that the times we are in now are perilous where it is difficult to identify a true Christian, adding that there are two sides to everything God has created, male or female, good or bad, narrow or broad way etc. He said no one can belong to the two, its either you belong to the good or bad side.

The preacher opined that the theme, “Who is on the Lord’s side,” is a call unto consecration. He condemned in entirety the attitude of Christians who think it is only the priests that are ordained, adding that God expects everyone to live a holy and consecrated life to Him. He added that the theme is also a call unto distinction, stating that it is time for Christians to be distinct and stand for Christ not minding the various kinds of persecution they pass through. The Cleric noted that there must be a clear distinction between those who know God and those who do not.

The Bishop harped that the theme is a great call of fear and personal devotion unto God; a call for great decision. He stressed that everyone must take a decision in life. Therefore, he enjoined them to take the right decision by standing for Christ, come what may. He said sitting on the fence is tantamount to not taking a decision and according to him, this is not acceptable to God.

The erudite scholar concluded by stating that being on the Lord’s side means to understand salvation and believe in the scriptures. He said many Christians today see the Bible as literature hence there is no inspiration when they read, adding that there is no diplomacy in the things of God. He hereby appealed to everyone present who had not given their lives to Christ to take the decision now and be on the Lord’s side.

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