• November 15, 2017

The Ven. Isuwa Duniyah Saidu has stated that the challenge of the Anglican youths and youths in general is that of modernism and post modernism. He made this known on the Day 2 of the ongoing Divine Commonwealth Conference taking place at the National Christian Center, Abuja. According to him, Christianity faced less challenges before the 21st century, but modernization in the 21st century is wreaking havoc, not just to the youths but to all and sundry.

The seminar leader speaking on the topic, “The Anglican Youth and the future of the Anglican Church,” described unemployment as another serious problem that has caused a lot of youths to be rendered helpless and prone to reckless practices such as armed robbery and kidnapping.He added that some youths abuse information and technology by engaging in pornography and using social media dubiously. Therefore, he called on the Church to utilize these online platforms in other to correct these ills and engage the youths.

Mrs. Margaret Oluyamo wife of the Bishop of Ijesha North Anglican Diocese

Meanwhile, in another seminar group, Mrs. Margaret Oluyamo wife of the Bishop of Ijesha North Anglican Diocese admonished parents not to be guilty of not doing their part in raising Godly children. Presenting a paper on the topic, “21st Century Parenting and Child Protection Policies,” she said the sole responsibility of parents is to provide protection for their children and give them qualitative education. She concluded with a charge to parents to introduce their children to modest lifestyle at an earlier stage.


“As a nation, the time has come for us to rise up from the valley of corruption, greed, armed robbery, terrorism, kidnapping and stand on the mountain of godliness and holiness. Nigeria must rise again.

These were part of the reassuring declarations from the servant of God; the vessel for the Revival Hour as the DIVINE Commonwealth Conference entered its 2nd day.

Delegates were ushered into this segment of the programme in an electrified, turbo-charged atmosphere for spiritual rejuvenation. With the song, “All over the World, the Spirit is moving, there is a mighty revelation of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea”.

Relating the Revival Hour to the Theme : “We have the Man Jesus”, and using John 5:1-11, Ven. John Agboro, from Lagos Diocese, also illustrated  his message with various scriptures, such as the Acts of Apostles 3:6 “Silver and Gold, I have none, but in the name of Jesus, rise up and walk”.  Ven. Agboro said, “this is a story of a man, born with limitations, misfortunes; a story of a beggar, hopeless; A man who had lived a life of pain, misery, agony and frustration. He was at the mercy of visitors at the Beautiful Gate, until grace located him. Citing the story of Lazarus and the woman with the issue of blood, he noted that one common currency in all the stories is the entrance of our Lord Jesus Christ, who changed their individual situations and stories.

He proclaimed that “the good news is that the Lord will locate every expectant delegate in Jesus name”. “They will not be spectators; they would not be at the mercy of others to live in Jesus Name”, he said. He declared that every problem has an expiry date and God will remember anyone believing HIM for fruit of the womb before the end of 2017, that God will remember us as he did in the life of the man at the beautiful gate because the time has come.

Speaking further, he lamented the craze for money among politicians. “Our desire for power has assumed a satanic and worrisome dimension. Where human lives are being mortgaged for power; many have killed for money and power”. He also noted that people have lost the zeal to pray and even when we pray, we are too self-centered. He charged the Church to rise to the challenge of our times in this nation. In his remarks, “The mark of the living church is not the beauty of the architecture; not the melody of its music but it is the church that holds on to the great commission; preaching the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ”.

He charged that the time has come for the Church to decide and deliver to this generation. The only thing that can bring about the much desired change and transformation in Nigeria and the world is the Lord Jesus Christ”. “God is looking for men and women that will proudly proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ even at the risk of their lives”.

“The Church must set the pace for the nation to follow. The Church must rise to the challenge of perceived islamization of the nation with prayer. “Jesus must reign in our land”. He concluded


The theme is a very broad one, because the man Jesus is all in all; He healed the sick, raised the dead and delivered people. And so, anyone here at the conference with sickness, burdens or cares, the same man, Jesus who is the God of all can heal them and take care of their needs.

Mr. Ishaya Yakubu   -Abuja Diocese

The theme is apt and the text tells us of how Jesus healed a man that was sick for 38 years and to me that means that there is no problem that is too difficult for God to handle. So, once anyone comes to God wholeheartedly, one’s problem may last a while but it will not last forever.

Mr. Nwabochi Obi     –Niger Delta North Diocese

This year’s DIVCCON is very unique and apt. In the country today, we have so many religions but Christianity is unique because Jesus who is the head of the Church, died and resurrected and so this year’s theme, which is about Jesus is very good.  The Ven. Cyril Okorie   -Orlu Diocese

The theme is very nice, especially with the situation in our country where you may have nobody. The good news is that within you, you know that you have Jesus and when you have Jesus you have everything. Also, as you can see, despite the economic meltdown of the country, people are still joyful and happy right here at the venue of the conference.       Mr. Godspower Ugbede    – Evo Diocese

The theme is very relevant to what is happening around us in Nigeria today. No matter what we are going through, once we have this man named Jesus, He is able and willing to take us out of every problem.  Mrs. Magareth Ladipo Ajayi –Yewa Diocese

The programme has been powerful and it has been filled with expositions that have strengthened us in areas of weakness to always know that whatsoever challenge that we face, we have someone who is greater, His name is Jesus Christ. Miss Osoba Edith     -Esan Diocese

This year’s theme is apt and what we need for now and I am believing that after the exposition of the man, Jesus, we will leave here better than we came and more confident in Jesus.

Barr. Mrs. Chinelo Anazodo –Kubwa Diocese

The theme is a very comforting one and one that is very reassuring. And coming from the background of the text from where the theme is taken, when Jesus appeared at the scene, the life and circumstance of the invalid was changed for the better and permanently too. So, in this gathering, we look up to God for such an encounter that will bring permanent positive changes in our lives and also translate into changes in the larger society. The Rev. Canon Kingsley Obuh        –Abuja Diocese

The theme is indeed touching, because Christianity anchors on Christ and that is the center. The theme will expose the Church to know Christ better and to know Christ better is having the knowledge of who He is. Knowing Christ alone is a miracle because there are some people that are ignorant about the power that is in that man, Jesus; and in their ignorance, they keep suffering and don’t know how to get solution. So, that man, Jesus is the solution to man’s problems because that is the reason God sent Him. Devil is out raging, attacking and destroying families, but the Son of man was made manifest to destroy the works of satan and that is the man, Jesus.

The Rt. Rev. Zubairu I.           –Bari Diocese

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