Mission Work is Vital to Church’s Growth and the Defence of Society – Bishop Oluwarohunbi

  • Korede Akintunde
  • January 11, 2024

The Bishop of the Diocese of Yewa, Anglican Communion, The Rt. Michael Oluwarohunbi has emphasized that the Church leaders need to do more in mission work.

He made this statement while speaking with the communication officer of the Church of Nigeria at the on-going 2024 Annual Retreat of Bishops and spouses at Faith Plaza in Lagos.

During the interview, he emphasized the vital role of mission work within the Church nothing that it ensures the growth of the Church and also helps in defending the community and society.

He discussed the challenges posed by the migration of people from the Northern part of the country to south, highlighting the need for strategic efforts to address the impact of this influx.

Bishop Oluwarohunbi revealed collaborative initiatives with the Church of Nigeria Missions, deploying missionaries to areas with high concentrations of migrants.

Notably, a Hausa Priest from St. Francis Wusasa was ordained to lead mission activities in the Diocese of Yewa where he oversees, yielding positive outcomes.

Addressing economic challenges in Nigeria, including fuel shortages, inflation, and exchange rate issues, the Bishop described the situation as “biting,” acknowledging widespread complaints. However, he refrained from solely blaming the current administration, attributing the economic woes to a history of past bad governance.

Bishop Oluwarohunbi urged patience, advising people to give the government time to tackle economic issues and emphasized the importance of addressing past wrongdoings.

Optimistic about the nation’s future, he foresaw a turnaround if the government implemented effective policies backed by decisive actions, expressing hope for a brighter future for Nigeria.

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