Believe and receive the word of God first and then teach to your children -Bishop Agbo

  • Korede Akintunde
  • January 11, 2024

At the 2024 Annual Retreat, Bishop Agbo delved into the crucial theme of Family Discipleship, using the impactful story of Canon Titus as a starting point.

Canon Titus, a dedicated servant of the Lord, faced family strife when none of his children attended his ministry, leading to quarrels and unrest.

However, a transformative encounter with the Lord at a Christian program prompted Canon Titus to pursue personal change and seek forgiveness from his family.

The decision for personal transformation led to a restored family, with his children becoming committed believers in his ministry. One son even embarked on the journey of ordination.

Drawing lessons from Canon Titus’s experience, Bishop Agbo emphasized the paramount importance of the home as a foundational institution for societal impact.

Addressing the challenges of Family Discipleship in the modern, post-Christian era.
Bishop Agbo cautioned against relying on human reasoning and worldviews, stressing the need for adherence to scriptural guidelines.

He highlighted the essential principle that effective family discipleship begins with personal transformation and a genuine relationship with God.

He further emphasized the importance of believing and receiving the word of God personally before imparting it to one’s children.

This process, he explained, initiates with an individual’s commitment to personal transformation, a closer walk with God, and a willingness to acknowledge and rectify one’s shortcomings.

Bishop Agbo highlighted seven essential themes, modeled after the discipleship approach of Jesus, for effective leadership in discipling one’s family:


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