• June 18, 2020


The Primate of the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, Most Rev’d Henry Ndukuba has pointed out that the COVID-19 experience has depicted that this world belongs to God and not to man; it has shown the importance of the family unit and revealed that when human beings stand together, they can resist any onslaught.

He made this known at an interview with the press in Abuja. According to him, no one saw the COVID-19 pandemic coming, especially not to this magnitude, and therefore, the government, church and society were not prepared for it. He observed that the whole world has suffered, including the well-endowed nations; which has shown that the excellency of power belongs to God. Therefore, he stated that it is time to give God His place in His world because human beings are helpless and in need of God’s help.

Primate Ndukuba added that this pandemic has shown that human beings need to support one another, as individuals, families, and even as a government. He remarked that the government have seen that they cannot do everything on their own and that they need individuals, as well as organizations to support and implement their plans.

The head of the Anglican Church in Nigeria noted that the pandemic, which brought about certain restrictions in movement helped families to reconnect with one another and drew attention to the fact that certain things that hitherto had been prioritized are not of more value than the family unit. He explained that it also highlighted the importance of the rule of law and obedience to the authorities. He, therefore, commended the federal government for rising to the occasion and giving directives to battle the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

The Most Rev’d Henry Ndukuba stressed that these are lessons that should be learnt from the COVID-19 experience and lessons that should not be lost when things get back to normal.

He advised the Federal Government to focus on improving the things that affect the wellbeing of the people such as food, water, security, health, education and employment; and urged Nigerian leaders to formulate policies that are favourable to the people.

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