• Ngozi Maduoma
  • May 26, 2016


The Primate of all Nigeria, Anglican Communion and Bishop of Abuja Diocese has described the unabated activities of armed herdsmen as a security threat to the peace and unity of the Nigerian nation. He gave this description during the reading of his Bishop’s charge at the third session of the ninth synod held at All Saints’ Church, Wuse, Zone 5 Abuja. He said that these herdsmen were responsible for the killings of innocent citizens in several parts of the country. Therefore, he called on the Federal Government to take deliberate steps to put a stop to their “notorious activities” to avoid another civil war in the country.

Primate Okoh further called on the Federal Government to hasten their search and rescue of the missing Chibok girls, so as to end the trauma currently being faced by both the girls and their parents. He commended the efforts of the government on restoring peace to the North Eastern part of the country and urged them to give adequate attention to rebuilding the affected areas. Speaking on the fuel scarcity, he said that the government should put in measures to ensure that permanent solution is brought to this lack in the society, which is not just affecting car users but businesses, hospitals, amongst others.

The Federal Government was also commended on its efforts to revive the Nigerian economy, adding that an investment friendly environment must first be created to ensure that these investments will thrive in the society. He encouraged the use of local investors in addition to the foreign ones, because according to him, this will be adding value to the economy. In addition, the synod addressed the issue of pipeline vandalism, the fight against corruption, the unemployment situation in the country and the creation of grazing reserves for Fulani Herdsmen. The Synod vehemently opposed the bill on grazing reserves, stating that nobody’s land should be forcefully given to anybody.

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