• November 8, 2016
  • Could you tell us a bit about the preparations for this year’s DIVCCON?

This year’s DIVCCON By the time we started, we were a little bit afraid even though the theme of this year’s conference is “FEAR NOT.” But, because of the economic situation of the country, we were a little bit timid; because of the way people were registering, we did not know that the crowd will be as much as this. But, thank God today, we can record a good number of people attending this year’s conference and if this year can have this number of people, DIVCCON has come to stay and nothing will bring it down.

  • Could you give us an estimate of the number of delegates to expect this year?

As at the time we closed our portal for online registration, the total number that have registered is 5,964 and outside this number some people have been calling us that they have paid in the bank, but are having challenges getting pin in the bank. Some of them have paid long ago, but they are yet to register. And with the number that will come to All Saints Church for registration, hopefully at the end of this DIVCCON, we will be recording nothing less than 7,000 delegates attending this year’s conference.

  • Please, tell us a little about the theme that has been chosen for this year’s DIVCCON?

The theme for this year is “FEAR NOT.” Personally, I think it is apt; it is a theme that can address our situation as Nigerians, a Church and a people, because there is fear in the land – fear of what to eat, who to marry, where to go because of the kidnapping everywhere, fear of the future, and the unknown, And if people can pay close attention to this theme, “FEAR NOT,” I want to believe that their lives will not remain the same again. Therefore, “FEAR NOT” is so germane in a time as this and I want to believe that God who has prepared people to expose this word to His people in a time like this will give them grace to understand and to go home refreshed in Jesus name, Amen.

  • What should delegates expect this year?

As usual in a conference like this, people will come and be busy buying things, roaming the street and yet when they left their houses they told them that they were going for DIVCCON. But, I want to encourage  delegates, who have left their places; some have travelled far, some have spent a lot of money to buy ticket to travel on land, sea and air, so they should not come here and be gallivanting or roaming around, they should come here with the mindset of meeting with God. Therefore, they should be fully prepared to come for this conference. They should prayerfully attend all the sessions – the Bible Study, seminars, talks and all the spiritual programmes that have been aligned for this conference. I want to encourage them that they should under God, prayerfully and patiently attend every session. It is by so doing that their coming will not be in vain.

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