• June 25, 2015


‘The most fascinating of God’s creation is man and of all attributes of man, the most intriguing is his life and of all aspects of man’s life the most mysterious is in death’.

This was the submission of the Most Revd. Dr. Friday Imaekhai archbishop ecclesiastical province of Bendel at the funeral service for late Sir James Abekhe at Saint Peter’s Church OkugbeOkpella, Edo state.

Archbishop Imaekhai said death is a leveller and all born of woman will pass through it either to eternity with God or hell fire.

He reminded those who attended the funeral ceremony that they are all rehearsing their own death adding that they should reflect on their own life for death is a necessary end and will come when it will come, so terrible is death that it cannot be avoided.

He called on Christians to take their Christian vocation seriously because according to him, philosophers of all persuasions sing of the emptiness and meaningless of life even though Christ has put meaning into life.

He called on all faithful to live habitually prepared, commune consistently so that with God the end would not catch them totally unprepared because of the uncertainty of the time.

He called on them to replace the world of decay, corruption, materialism with a world of seeking the common good of the society adding that they must write their death with the death of Christ to enable them share and partake in his resurrection.

Archbishop Imaekhai admonished all and sundry present to amend their lives in accordance with Christian ethics and values and love selflessly and sacrificially so as to spend eternity with God and for death to become a gain adding that debauchery will lead to hell.

He showered encomium on the late chief James Abekhe who he said was a literary icon and has spent his life well in the service of God and humanity and has fought the good fight of faith as a pilgrim with Christ at the throne of his heart.

The erudite scholar asked the congregation at the burial service to reflect how long they have lived and honestly answer the question of which of the ways which of the gates they are entering, Jesus the only way the truth and the life that leads to the narrow or straight gate that leads to life or the wide gate that leads to the broad way that leads to destruction?.

The ebullient speaker said genuine deliberate efforts must be made to go through the narrow gate if eternity is to be their portion, run the race and win the crown.

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