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When you hear the voice of God, every other contrary voice becomes irrelevant.

This was the message of the Rt. Rev’d Sunday Timothy Adewole, Bishop of the Diocese of Kwara, Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion as he delivered his sermon on the topic, “Jesus, the comforter” at the Cathedral Church of St. Barnabas, Ilorin, Kwara state.

The Bishop who preached his sermon from the story of Lazarus noted that many Christians today attend Church, yet they have no knowledge or understanding of what God is capable of, neither do they believe in the power of the resurrection. He pointed out that even in their grief, Lazarus’ family believed that Jesus Christ could take their pain away and bring Lazarus back to life. He said they believed and trusted in Jesus Christ, as their only hope; lamenting that many today have lost their faith because of life’s challenges.

Bishop Adewole observed that there is fear and panic in the land, because of the coronavirus pandemic. He however assured that even in this pandemic, Jesus Christ can save and restore His people.

He said, “Even in this pandemic, we know and believe that God can save us.”

The Bishop of Kwara Anglican Diocese charged Christians to put their hope on Jesus, because He alone can restore all that may have been lost in this pandemic.

He acknowledged that some persons may have mocked the Church, as to the efficacy of the prayers that had been said against the virus; but according to him, if not for the mercy of God, Nigeria would have been consumed like some other countries.

The cleric stressed that there are many things that the enemy has put to barricade people from Jesus the comforter, so individuals must roll away the stone- of unforgiveness, anger, adultery, unbelief, lies, and secret sins, so that Jesus Christ can save them and restore their lost years.

The Rt. Rev’d Timothy Adewole asserted that Jesus Christ understands what believers are passing through, and that His resurrection power is still available to raise every dead situation in their lives. He said a believer’s hope is not limited to here on earth, because there is also hope of eternal life in heaven.

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