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The Rt. Rev’d Moses Tabwaye, Bishop of Gwagwalada Anglican Diocese has opined that the healing of a nation must start from the healing of the body of Christ.

He made this known as he delivered his sermon in a Sunday service at the Cathedral of Holy Trinity, Gwagwalada. The Bishop explained that the Church as a body must return to God for Him to heal Nigeria.

He said, “It is only when we return to God that we can be healed.”

Preaching on the topic, “I will heal their land”, Bishop Tabwaye described healing as an act of restoration. He quoted copiously from the Bible, noting that God was talking to His people and not sinners, to humble themselves and pray and forsake their wicked ways, before He would hear from heaven and heal their land.

The Bishop asserted that one needs to be humble when praying to God, because pride is one of the seven things that God hates; adding that God gives grace to the humble, but resists the proud. The cleric pointed out that a Christian couldn’t fulfill God’s purpose on earth, without prayer. Thus, he urged believers to seek God continually, because He rewards those who diligently seek Him.

According to the Bishop of Gwagwalada Diocese, “God is ready to answer our prayers but we must ask, because when we do so, we are acknowledging that He alone is God and that we cannot accomplish anything outside Him.”

He appealed to Christians to turn from their sinful behaviours and repent of their sins; stressing that true repentance is about a change in behaviour and not just confession. He said believers should submit their lives totally to God and resist the devil.

Bishop Tabwaye lamented that there is so much wickedness in the nation today, including in the Church. He remarked that the Church and the nation must say no to corruption, injustice, homosexuality, prostitution and all kinds of evil that is prevalent in the world today, and return to God, so that He would heal the land.

The Bishop emphasized that God is calling everyone; as individuals, families, church and nation to return to Him. He reiterated that it is time for all to return to God, because man cannot do without Him. According to him, any man or woman without Christ would live a life of frustration.

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