• Ngozi Maduoma
  • January 11, 2018


A very elated Primate of All Nigeria, the Most Revd. Nicholas D. Okoh while dedicating the ultra modern church of the Holy Cross, Wuye Abuja said the Anglican Church plays a great premium on the dedication of the Church to make it holy by sanctifying it, to invite the presence of the Holy Spirit to dwell in the place.

He said the Church having been dedicated have been set apart in the name of God, has become the territory and colony of Jesus Christ, the home of Holy angles who ministers, the tone of the saints visible and invisible because the presence of God is in the Church. According to Primate Okoh, because the presence of God is in the just dedicated Church, miracles will happen, prayers will be answered. He highlighted various ways of dedication like men set apart for the work of the ministry and made holy to bless the people of God, the pulpit, lectern, baptismal font, altar table, priestly chairs, including choir stalls and choir robes are not ordinary dresses but sanctified dresses.

The Metropolitan and Primate of All Nigeria added that by the singular act of the dedication of the Church. There is now the handing and taking over by God; hence all the evil and demonic forces have been expelled, their meetings powers and assembly have been disorganized and the Church has become part and parcel of heaven, the colony of Jesus Christ.

He described the building of a Church as having two phases; phase one being the structural building block and cement and finishing, making it to be glamorous and presentable. Phase two, according to him, lasts longer and forever, which is the building of human beings, the real church, body of Christ. He warned members of the Church not to be lackadaisical, insincere, so as not to bring problems and tribulations upon themselves. He urged them to be honest, humble, dedicated and committed members of the Church, who are working for Christ who sees the secret of every heart, knowing that they will be judged whether they have done well or have not done well one day; adding that when a job is given to build a Church it is not by man, heavens knows about it, heaven is interested and it must be done well to please the Almighty God, to bring blessings and glory; hence they must be sincere, dedicated honest when doing the work of God.

The Primate of All Nigeria decreed and declared that all souls that will come to the dedicated Church will be answered speedily, no matter the problems or worries because God dwells there. He used all emphasis at his disposal to preach humility, which he described as an integral part of the character of a Christian reminding the congregation about incarnation and said it was humility that bought Jesus down in a human form from heaven. He went down memory lane and traced how the missionaries came to the continent of Africa, then called the Dark Continent. He called on all the priests, P.C.C. members, choristers, guild of stewards to imitate Christ who is humility per excellence so as to be lifted up. He urged all ministers of God to give practical demonstration of true Christian life and in service of God. He went further that humility is demonstrated in the Lord’s Prayer when it says our father not my father.

According to him, where there is humility there must be peace and tranquility. Highlights of the Dedication Service was the call of the Vicar of the Church of the Holy Cross Wuye Abuja and his wife the Ven. and Mrs. Foluso Taiwo by the Primate of All Nigeria for a special Episcopal hand shake, prayers and the declaration of the Church as a small Cathedral. He prayed for all who contributed to the building and those who sacrificially rallied round the Vicar in his quest for excellence.

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