• November 16, 2017

The Rt. Rev Aloysius Agbo    -Bishop of Nsukka Diocese

DIVCCON has now come to be accepted among not just Anglicans but everyone. So, now it is left for us as organizers to improve the programme content. I observe that we dismiss too early; the revival time should move a bit further, so that the residents of Abuja who don’t have the opportunity of participating fully or coming in the morning can come from their offices and join in the revival hour. Enough time should be devoted to prayers and ministration. When we speak the word, we should allow the Spirit of God manifest because sometimes people don’t actually understand the word until something is done. 

The Rt. Rev. Prince Antai Asuquo    Bishop of Uyo Diocese

I thank God for this vision that has lasted 7 years but as good as it has been, we still need to improve. So, we need to keep raising the bar of excellence because it is not just about us but about Christendom. One, Archbishops and Bishops don’t seem to be steady or regular in their attendance. So, they should be encouraged to attend because their presence can encourage the followership effectively. Two, people who come should endeavor to stay till the end of the conference. Three, publicity should be holistic.



The Rt. Rev. Praises Omole Dean of St Francis Theological Seminary, Wusasa.

The DIVCCON themes have been on subjects that really address where people are; so people go home satisfied that their needs have been met spiritually. We have never had a crowd as large as that of this yea But, it is natural that such an unexpected crowd may come with its own set of challenges and we have had a bit of that this year. One, we need more chairs, because our current venue has not been sufficient to seat people in attendance this year. But in all, it has been a fantastic time in God’s presence because we keep improving each year.  Two, with all sense of humility and honesty, publicity of DIVCCON has improved and led to population increase. For example, the newsletter we produce travels far and wide, the Bill board adverts, the adverts on television and the CDs and DVDs have all helped to boost publicity. 

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Humphrey Olumakaiye Bishop of Osun North East Diocese

It has been a wonderful, spiritually rewarding experience to God be the glory. Actually, I see this conference as a new face of Anglican Church because the Church is Pentecostal and we thank God for this wave of Pentecostalism, which is the Church being driven by the Spirit. The conference has been successful so far and every session has been fantastic, impactful and spiritually loaded. Every year, there is an improvement but I am looking at a time when we will have our own convention center and that will give millions of people yearning for this kind of programme. it will be explosive. We can improve on registration.



The Rt. Rev. Dr. Williams Aladekugbe -Bishop of Oyo Diocese

We are grateful to God for the 7th edition and appreciative of the organizers who have done well. They can improve on the air conditioning system, and the toilet facilities. For me, apart from these two things, every other aspects of this DIVCCON has been very good. It is so challenging, enriching and beneficial to the people. I want us to keep it up, because it is spiritually rewarding. Our Church has grown so big that we cannot afford not to have our own permanent place of prayer and retreat; it is a welcome idea and we will continue to pray and support that idea.

The Ven. Emeka Ezeji– Sub-Dean of the Cathedral Church of the Good Shepherd, Enugu Diocese

The 7th edition is a remarkable improvement from the first few editions but we can still do better; especially in the area of organizing seminars. The seminars are still a little bit rowdy and as the Church of Nigeria we need to research to find out the issues in Nigeria that are burdening our members and we need to deal with it and ensure that the same is taken back home, so that there can be a kind of train a trainer situation in all the dioceses. Because, we are living in a pluralistic society where all manner of ills are going on and a lot of our young people are being negatively influenced.



Rev. Canon Oluwaseun Owoeye      Secretary of the Central Planning Committee of DIVCCON

DIVCCON this year is a huge success and the turnout of people is highly unprecedented, kudos to all who have worked behind the scene to make sure that the conference turned out this way. The theme of this year is so apt in a time like this; when people are at a crossroad, when Nigeria is in a fix, the only person that can bail us out is the man, Jesus. The challenge we had this year had to do with registration and shortage of conference materials, so we appeal to everyone to please endeavor to register on time to avoid such challenges that have to do with registration.


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