Akure: Faith in God, solution to national, personal challenges – BISHOP ADEWOLE.

  • September 22, 2015

Looking unto Jesus Christ with unshakeable faith has been described as the only panacea to national and individual challenges.
Delivering his homily, at the Holy Eucharist on the first day of the Standing Committee Meeting holding in Akure, the Bishop of Jebba Diocese, Rt. Revd. Timothy Adewole noted that Jesus Christ came to save humanity from destruction.
He noted that the power of Jesus Christ remains effective as before, being a symbol of the serpent that was raised by Moses that delivered the Israelites from the serpents of Pharaoh’s magicians.
Bishop Adewole likened the snake bite experienced in the wilderness by the children of Israel to the present day Christians whose journey he said has been characterised with sins. He, however, expressed happiness that in spite of the poison of the magician’s serpent, Moses’ serpent brought salvation and deliverance to man.
He stressed that no matter how deep a man is enmeshed in sin, the blood of Jesus has the divine potency to save him from the clutches of Satan who is the architect of the sinful nature of man. Adding that Jesus Christ was able to make mockery of the satanic serpent in view of the fact that Christ the Saviour is the Chief Serpent who came to save the world. The Bishop described Jesus as the new Adam who came to give succour to the world by creating a new life for humanity thereby making old things pass away.
Bishop Adewole advised Christians to always look up to Jesus who can save and deliver by using the church of God as a place of healing for the afflicted.
He called on the political class to always look up to God who he believed could help get Nigerians out of the current problems of insecurity.
The Bishop regretted that many are living double lives by which they praise God openly, but sin against Him secretly.
He counselled Christians to stop living ostentatiously by believing in material things which he said would not take them anywhere beyond the territory of Satan.


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