52 Million Nigerians Yet to be Exposed to the Gospel, Canon Olonode Urges Church Leaders on Mission Work

  • Korede Akintunde
  • January 10, 2024

The Rev’d Canon Timothy Olonode has urged the Church leaders to be strategic and put more efforts in mission work. He made this call while facilitating on the mission and evangelism session at the ongoing Church of Nigeria Bishops and their wives retreat holding at the Faith Plaza, Bariga, Lagos. He highlighted the crucial importance of Harvest Force Training.

Revd Canon Olonade emphasized an ongoing spiritual warfare over nations, underscoring the role of the Church as the solution to global challenges.

According to him, the Church must consistently convey the message of salvation through Jesus Christ, in anticipation of the eventual transformation of the earthly kingdom into the Kingdom of God.

The facilitator stressed on aligning the body of Christ with God’s Master Plan, focusing on making disciples of all nations and spreading worship across the earth.

He noted that with 52 million Nigerians yet to be exposed to the gospel, he urged the body of Christ to embrace its responsibility in preaching the gospel worldwide.

“The overarching vision is to cover the earth with God’s glory, and the facilitator urged alignment of the Church’s vision, purpose, and strategies with this divine plan.

To actualize the mission of spreading the gospel worldwide, he urged leaders to adopt a harvest force mentality over a civilian survival mindset.”

Following God’s method of multiplying disciples (2 Timothy 2:2), there’s a call to establish church structures for discipling others who will continue preaching salvation.

Reviving the church involves boosting momentum and empowering small, powerful congregations to venture into new territories for gospel outreach.

This includes the imperative to nurture missionaries capable of cross-cultural work in various mission fields.

Canon Olonade concluded by stressing the urgency of serious and aggressive evangelism. 

The overarching goal is to bring all nations into conformity with God’s will, envisioning a world where men and women bow before God in true worship.

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