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According to Primate Okoh, “We want to encourage the women to keep exercising and reduce incidences of diabetes, obesity etc.; because when the body is in good condition, the spirit can function well. When God made man, He made him into two components, physical and spiritual components, and the two must collaborate for someone to be truly alive.”

Meanwhile, Mrs. Nkasiobi Okoh, wife of the Primate of All Nigeria and President women organisations in the Diocese of Abuja has urged women to see the Diocesan Sports Fiesta as the Diocese’s little contribution to help them to keep fit.

She said, “Our bodies are not to be exercised once a year, during preparations for the Sports Fiesta, but on a daily basis; because exercise has a healing effect on the body.”

The Diocesan Women Sports’ Fiesta is an annual event of the Diocese of Abuja, where the women and girls in the Diocese participate in all sorts of sporting activities such as relay race, sack race, traditional dances and the likes. The men in the Diocese are not left out, as they come out en masse to support the women and participate in some of the activities.

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