Worship and Praise God always irrespective of the Circumstance – Mrs. Angela Ndukuba Charges Mothers

  • Korede Akintunde
  • March 12, 2024

The wife of the Primate of the Church of Nigeria ( Anglican Communion) and President of the Women’s Guild and Mothers’ Union arms of the church, Mrs Angela Ndukauba today in Abuja called on women to constantly worship and praise God irrespective of the circumstances they find themselves.

Speaking on this year’s theme of the Mothers’ Day celebrations, ‘ Ruth: the Virtuous Daughter in Law’, Mrs Ndukauba urged women to emulate the biblical Ruth, who after losing her husband closely followed her mother-in-law working very hard to provide for the two of them.

Ruth showed exceptional love and devotion to her mother-in-law. She embraced the worship of the God of Israel.

Ruth was truly a virtuous mother. Noami returned Ruth’s love by helping her get married to Boaz, and she became the great-grandmother of King David. Jesus is a descendant of King David.

Mrs Ndukauba’s message was shared at Today’s service at all Anglican Communion church services at the Federal Capital Territory, including Abuja.

Mrs Ndukauba called for love and tolerance, especially among family members.

‘Ler this year’s Mothering Sunday be a time of healing in our homes, between the daughters-in-law and their Mothers-in-law and between family members.

‘ Every mother, female gender deserves to be celebrated.

Please, husbands, sons, and daughters celebrate mummies and make them happy!’

Mrs Keziah Philips, who took the bible studies at Our Saviours Anglican Church, Durumi, admonished women to remain honest, and focused on successfully running the race of life with the bible as their guide. She said many families had become dysfunctional with daughters-in-law and mothers-in-law living like cats and dogs, There should be tender care and not tension within the family.

Mothers must teach and encourage family members to take the pains to step up and do the right things.

Speaking on the topic ‘ the Broadway,’ she said many followed the crowd to do the wrong things.

As Christians, we must be without deceit and not seek to follow the popular way or seek to belong to the crowd.

Wife of the Vicar of the church, and Vice President of the Michers Union/ Women’s Guild, Chikodi Okorie, who delivered the sermon for the Mothering Sunday church service reiterated the call for women to emulate the biblical Ruth and Naomi’s peaceful and loving relationship.

She enjoined women to remain faithful and loyal to their vows.

Mrs Okorie appealed to women to nurture their husbands, children, and all other members of the family and to ensure that everyone in their homes remained god-fearing despite the current hardship.

Ruth took the bold steps to provide for her family, and her mother-in-law guided her to success, Mrs. Okorie said.

She appealed for collaboration and partnership between daughters-in-law and mothers-in-law.

Today’s event also witnessed the unveiling of the beginning of the launching of a Special Fund for Women’s project.

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