• Korede Akintunde
  • August 25, 2023

The former Primate of the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, The Most Rev’d Dr. Nicholas D. Okoh apprised the government against using military invasion to restore democracy in the Niger Republic.
He noted that going to war is a very costly social madness. You don’t jump into war even if you know the beginning, you don’t know the continuation, you don’t know the end and the aftermath which will collapse the already crippling financial situation of the country.
Archbishop Okoh spoke about the coup in Niger Republic during an interview with the ACNNTV crew. He said, “My immediate reaction is that our region is very fragile, those who were serving when Nigeria entered ECOMOG, whether in Liberia or Sierra Leone, will not advise another military invasion anywhere, Because the war finished our money our children, it’s not advisable.”

Furthermore, he stated that the people we are going to tackle, are also, in a way, part of Nigeria. Which will make the battle very difficult. He added, “We have enough problems”.
He advised the country’s president to pay more attention to solving Nigeria’s problems instead of jumping into unnecessary war with his neighbour.

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