• Adesewa Orioye
  • July 11, 2024

The Anglican Diocese of Ijesa North celebrated the 1st session of the 5th Synod between July 5 and 7, 2024 at the St. Stephen’s Anglican Church, Ere Ijesa. The Synod which was sponsored by an individual is the first to happen in the history of the Diocese. The Synod was sponsored by the Diocesan Chancellor, Chief Adeleke Olaniyi Agbola, SAN, FCArB. The theme of the Synod was ‘We Must Pray’ taken from Luke 18: 1.
The Rt. Reverend Samuel O. Ogundeji, the Diocesan Bishop of Egba West preached at the Eucharist opening service. In his sermon, he urged the Synod to take prayer seriously and know that it is the key to unlock the access to secret place of the Lord. We all must pray with serious. The woman in the story Jesus Christ painted in Luke 18 did not relent in seeking the face of the judge.
The Bishop Theologian of the Church of Nigeria and the Diocesan Bishop of Ilesa Anglican Diocese, the Rt. Reverend Prof. Folorunsho Dapo Asaju was also in attendance at the Eucharist opening service.

The Diocesan Bishop and President of Synod delivered his charge to the Synod on Saturday July 6, 2024. In his charge, he:

  1. Acknowledged the government of Osun State under the governance of His Excellency, Senator Jackson N. Adeleke for paying salaries and pensions of the staff as and when due. He said it is remarkable and must be appreciated. He acknowledged further the rehabilitation of roads in the various parts of the state.
  2. Acknowledge the hardship in Nigeria and urged the president, His Excellency, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to take proactive steps in alleviating the hardship in town. He opined the government of our nation should encourage the small and medium scale entrepreneurs.
  3. Encouraged the entire Christian community to see prayer as a necessary tool and not just an option. He said any Christian that cannot pray will be spiritually dry and end up dying. Such a Christian will loose spiritual direction.
  4. Encouraged us to pray because we need revival at this time. There are so many things around us to pray about. Prayer can be done anywhere. It may be spoken or not.

The Diocesan Bishop of Idoani, the Rt. Reverend Adegoke O. Agara preached at the thanksgiving. He urged the Synod and the entire Christian to be free from bondage by abstaining from sins. He said a prayer-less Christina is a powerless Christian.

The royal fathers in attendance included the Elere of Ere Ijesa, HRM, Oba Augustine Alowolodu and the Elegboro of Ijebu-Jesa, HRM Oba Femi Agunsoye

The Synod climaxed as the Diocesan Bishop and President of Synod preferred the Reverend Canon Benson Olusegun Lana as a Statutory Canon in the Diocese.

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