• April 16, 2020


The Rt Rev’d Foluso Taiwo, Bishop of the Diocese of Oke-Osun, Anglican Communion has charged Christians to cling to Jesus Christ, even in the midst of the chaos happening around and He would never leave nor forsake them.

Bishop Taiwo gave this charge as he delivered his Easter message to the Diocese and nation online.

He explained that Jesus suffered, so that man would never have to experience separation from the love of God.

According to him, it was love that made Jesus Christ to come to earth, and to suffer and die, so that He might become the perfect sacrifice and be able to stand in the believer’s place before the Father.

He said, “We live, because of love.”

Bishop Taiwo stressed that Jesus willingly and voluntarily bore man’s sins and guilt on the cross; adding that whatever situation man faced, Jesus understood and cared and He would surely carry His own children through to the end.

He pointed out that in spite of all the obstacles placed to prevent the resurrection, Jesus rose and defied the powers and wisdom of men and conquered death to become both the wisdom and power of God.

The veteran broadcaster emphasized that the resurrection of Jesus Christ is the basis of the Christian faith and therefore, the message to the world today is that Jesus is alive forevermore and everyone who accepts Him as Lord and Saviour would be able to experience this abundant life.

The cleric argued that the term, “born again” had been bastardized in the world today, because many who claimed to be born again were actually “born against”. He however added that Christians have been called as a result of Jesus Christ’s resurrection, to confidently tell the whole world that Jesus is alive and to love Him to the end.

He said the action of Mary Magdalene and others who followed Jesus even when all hope seemed lost should be a challenge to Christians today. He said believers ought to follow God even when it seemed that all hope was lost and when heaven was silent over their situation.

The Bishop of Oke-Osun said, “God has conquered coronavirus and it would come and go like other situations we might have faced in our lives.”

Therefore, Bishop Taiwo urged believers not to fear, but be obedient to the laid down rules by the government and medical professionals. He said it was for a purpose and for a time, afterwhich all privileges would be restored.

He called on Christians to pray without ceasing and they would see that Jesus Christ is alive indeed.

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