Primate Ndukuba urges leaders to prioritize the interest of the public in policy formulation

  • Korede Akintunde
  • January 4, 2024

The Primate, Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) Archbishop Henry Ndukuba has urged leaders at all levels to prioritize the interest of the citizens in all policy decisions in 2024.

Primate Ndukuba made the call in an interview with newsmen on Monday on the sideline of the New Year Special Service at the Cathedral Church of Advent in Abuja. He said, “Though there were lots of challenges in 2023, Nigerians should look up to God, and work together in peace and unity to regain the glory of the country.”

He expressed confidence that there will be peace in the country in 2024 in line with the word of God concerning Nigeria.

Primate Ndukuba explained that a peaceful 2023 does not amount to the absence of challenges saying that in any difficult circumstance, God will be with the people according to his promises.

“The word from the Lord concerning us and this nation is that this year shall be the year of God’s peace.

“Our hope and trust is that, as we look up to God, we will be able to work with one another, care for one another, and bear one another’s burden and by that, we will fulfill the law of Christ.

“And we are trusting God that this nation will rise from its ruins and become the nation that God has proposed for us; we will take our rightful place.

“We are demanding that the leadership should serve the people, the situation might is right, a situation where opportunity to serve is for the good of those in authority is no more fancied, it should not be tolerated,” he stated.

According to him, most leaders in the country today benefit from scholarships from the government of the past but young citizens are being denied the same opportunity.

However, he called for restoring fundamental principles and core values in the communities, especially in political parties where people are held accountable for their actions. He emphasized that the young people moving out of the country will one day return and demand accountability.

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