Primate Ndukuba Tasks FG on Economic Crises, Urges World Leaders to End Israeli-Hamas Crisis

  • Korede Akintunde
  • October 17, 2023

The Primate of the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, The Most Reverend Dr. Henry Ndukuba has urged the Federal Government of Nigeria to come up with urgent measures to ameliorate the effect of the present economic hardship on Nigerians owing to the removal of subsidy and the floating of the Naira.
Archbishop Ndukuba, made this known in his sermon at the annual Abuja Diocesan Women Conference which was held at the Cathedral Church of the Advent, Lifecamp, Abuja with the theme, “Walk Before Me And Be Blameless” taken from Genesis 17:1, adding that, “the present foreign exchange rate and petrol subsidy removal have made the prices of goods and services beyond the reach of citizens.
He noted that Kidnapping, armed robbery, and insecurity have become the order of the day in the country due to hardship and unemployment.” He further appealed to Nigerians not to take laws into their own hands and to remain patriotic as God has not forgotten the country and will surely intervene soon.
He appealed to Nigerians to be optimistic and believe that God will bring back the glory of the country stressing the need for Citizens to pray for Divine Wisdom for those in authority as human knowledge can no longer bring solution.
The Primate also admonished everyone that the present situation must not be allowed to change their faith in God because He has a special interest in the affairs of Nigeria. He charged women to look beyond material things and use their numerical strength in the church and society to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the entire world.
Also speaking at this year’s conference, the president of the Mother’s Union and Women Guild, Mrs. Angela Ndukuba, noted that the event would address challenges facing women in their daily activities, especially during economic hardship, provide capacity building, and build their faith in God.
The President of the Anglican women in Nigeria, Mrs Angela Ndukuba while calling on women to develop interest in farming, also appealed to the federal government to come up with incentives that would encourage women to engage in micro farming.
She added that the only solution to the current economic situation in the country is for government to provide incentives that will make small scale businesses and agricultural activities of women to thrive.
The Four day conference has over Five Thousand Women from Abuja Diocese in attendance. The conference started with the eucharistic service presided over by the Primate who is the bishop of Abuja Diocese.
Also, at a separate and recent event, The Most Reverend Dr. Ndukuba urged politicians in the country to be mindful of the welfare of the citizens.
He made this demand at the 10th anniversary celebration of the Advent Cable Network of Nigeria (ACNN), at the Church of Nigeria National Secretariat, St. Matthias House, Gudu District, Abuja.
He expressed dismay over the economic hardship bedeviling the citizens, as he called on politicians and the government to be mindful of the welfare of the people.
He said: “We thank God for making us to be independent, to be a free nation, a nation that can think for yourself, plan for yourself, execute and see to the welfare of the citizens and also contribute our quota in the comity of nations and for our president to have addressed the world during the General Assembly of the United Nations shows that Nigeria has something to offer.
“We have the challenges that we must agree upon, and not only accepting that we have challenges but also that we are willing and determined to address those challenges. And one of the areas that we have challenges is our economy.
“A good economy or a strong economy is an outcome of many other factors. The stability of the monetary system, the sustainability of the economy, and the possibility of growth, industrially and otherwise.
“But also, you think of security and you think of other things. So there are so many other things that are contributing to the economy. And when the political system is not something that the international community can put trust in or investors can vouch for stability, no serious investor will come.
“And when there is no development in some key areas that will have a ripple effect that will impact the economy and the citizens. Because when you talk of the economy, we are talking about the citizens, the life of the ordinary Nigerians. When our key resources are not properly managed, there is a dependency that the economy will be weak.”
Israeli-Hamas Crisis
Primate Ndukuba has called on world leaders to urgently intervene and bring to an end the crisis between Israel and Hamas/Palestine.
Speaking with journalists on Saturday at the Cathedral Church of the Advent on the sidelines of the Women Conference, Archbishop Henry Ndukuba maintained that the ongoing crisis between the two countries if not checked could worsen the current economic crisis.
The Primate has maintain that the call must be for peace as both of them have rights to live and live in peace.
The war have left thousands of people dead and many property destroyed with many rendered homeless and starving.
According to the Primate, world leaders should organize a roundtable dialogue for amicable resolution as the current show of weaponry power doesn’t lead to peace anywhere.

Korede Akintunde
CoN Communication Officer

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