Primate Ndukuba laments the killing of Rev Emeka Merenu

  • Ven. John Hassan
  • September 27, 2021

The Primate of All Nigeria, Most Rev Henry Ndukuba has expressed the sympathy of the Church to communities affected by violence and various attacks and insecurities in various dimensions, across the country. The Head of the Anglican Church laments the gruesome killing of one of his clergy in the Diocese of Orlu, the Rev Emeka Merenu. Most Rev Ndukuba calls on the Government at various levels to take actions that would restore confidence in its ability to protect lives and stem the tide of despair and hopelessness, urging them to ensure that the killers are identified and brought to book. The unabated kidnapping of school children in the country portends grave danger not only to the education of our children but also to the nation’s development. The Anglican Church condemns the fragile state of National insecurity due to religious extremism, terrorism, violence, attacks and killings all over the country; and urging it to urgently rise to address the situation.

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