• Korede Akintunde
  • February 7, 2024

The Primate of the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, The Most Rev’d Dr. Henry Ndukuba, has once again called for the birth of a new Nigeria by proposing the creation of a completely new civilian constitution crafted by a sovereign representation of the ethnic nationalities of the country.

Archbishop Ndukuba made this assertion while delivering his presidential address at the ongoing Standing Committee meeting held at the Diocese of Ika in Delta State.

He emphasized that this step would address the fundamental issues necessary for the growth, unity, and prosperity of the nation. He stated, “We need a new citizens-made national constitution and not the amendment of a military-formulated constitution.”

“The issues of justice, equity, and equality of citizens in a free and democratic society remain crucial matters that must be openly and frankly discussed, legislated upon, and implemented for the survival of this nation. Nigeria needs a new civilian and democratic constitution. We need the birth of a new Nigeria where no citizen is oppressed, but rather everyone has the right to strive for the good life. We need a nation where resources are judiciously harvested and distributed for the benefit of all. Our present system breeds greed, corruption, anarchy, and injustice. We need a new Nigeria for all citizens.” He also highlighted the need for the judiciary to redeem its tarnished image and combat corruption so that justice in our courts is not for the highest bidder.
Primate Ndukuba mentioned that recent judgments delivered by the Supreme Court on some state governorship elections have significantly reassured the nation that justice and succor can be obtained in our judicial system through the right channels.

The Primate also expressed concern that reliance on external borrowing exposes the Nigerian economy to exchange rate risks. Fluctuations in the global market can lead to a rise in the cost of servicing external debts, affecting the country’s foreign exchange reserves and potentially leading to currency depreciation, which poses a significant risk for our already battered Naira, currently exchanging at N1,420 to $1. Therefore, we call on the government to reconsider its proposed external borrowing plans in the interest of future generations. He added that high debt levels also have the potential to erode investor confidence, particularly among foreign investors, resulting in capital flight, which could negatively impact the Nigerian stock market and overall economic stability. Furthermore, continuous borrowing contributes to inflationary pressures in the economy because as the government injects more money into circulation, it drives up prices, affecting the cost of living for ordinary citizens.

Furthermore, Primate Ndukuba emphasized that Nigeria’s monetary policy has been inconsistent and not supportive of economic growth. He reiterated the need for a new civilian and democratic constitution, where no citizen is oppressed, and everyone has the right to strive for a good life. He emphasized the judicious harvesting and distribution of resources for the benefit of all citizens.

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