Mrs Ndukuba Commends ACNNTV on Gender Balance in its Programs as ACADI Ends 3-Day Consultation on GBV.

  • Korede Akintunde
  • December 27, 2023

The President of the Mothers’ Union and Women’s Guild of the Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion, Mrs Angela Ndukuba has commended the management team of Advent Cable Network Nigeria (ACNNTV) on its gender balance approach in its contents and programming. She made this statement at the opening of a 3-day Strategic Consultative Forum to review the training manual for the Church of Nigeria Prevent Gender Based Violence (GBV) project held at the St. Matthias House, Gudu, Abuja from the 11th to 13th December 2023.

The President of the Mothers’ Union and Women’s Guild of the Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion, Mrs Angela Ndukuba

The consultation was hosted by the Anglican Compassion and Development Initiative (ACADI) which is an arm of the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion with a focus on restoring a godly societal via the promotion of the emergence of Nigerian communities through teaching godly principles, and delivering interventions that teach communities to be mutually supporting, thus achieving a nation where godliness, peace, and prosperity are sustained. Part of its current projects are campaigns against drug abuse, and gender-based violence among others.

Mama Nigeria recalled 1 Peter 3:7 where Peter called the woman a “weaker vessel” nothing that It is not a case of weakness but a projection of the need to see women as companions with equal rights to live well in the human society.

She noted that women must not be violated by any means whether it is physical, emotional, political, religious, etc.

Mrs Ndukuba observed that women are the worst hit in terms of Gender Based Violence (GBV) urging the need to advocate against this violence against gender, especially the female gender.

She also called for the training of the boy child as a means of godly training in being responsible and loving men. All Church groups must be engaged to see to the end of this GBV she added.

Mama Angela encourages the Church and society on the need to Invest in awareness against gender violence and create room for advocacy as it will help both the church and the society. “Awareness will help us to create the knowledge for the rights of women, create women empowerment, early training of the boy child to disabuse their mindset of being the bulldozer man or superior to the girls. We should work on involving women in policy-making, Church groups, and political governance.

She further shared her thoughts on other prevention of this violence in other to ensure a free and peaceful society for all, especially the female gender.

Korede Akintunde
CoN Communication Officer
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