• April 18, 2020


The year 2020 Easter celebration was marked in an unusual way in Nigeria and in other parts of the world; as Christians were stuck in their homes because of the lockdown directive that had been issued in most countries of the world, as a result of the rapid spread of the coronavirus disease.

The lockdown demanded that Easter church services were held online, because of the ban on public gatherings; so most families and Christians all over the world had to join Church services that were streamed online. The internet was flooded with Easter messages from all over the world and one of such services was streamed from All Saints Cathedral Anglican Church, Onitsha in Anambra state.

During the sermon, the Rt. Rev’d Dr Owen C. Nwokolo, Bishop of the Diocese On the Niger, Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), who preached on the topic, “Victory” stressed that there is no power that could stand against the resurrection power of Jesus Christ.

Bishop Nwokolo said Easter is all about Christ’s victory over sin and death and His triumph over all the forces of darkness. He explained that when Jesus Christ resurrected, He disarmed principalities and powers and put them to public shame. Thus, he asserted that anyone who believes in Jesus Christ and accepts Him as Lord and Saviour, receives the power to overcome and be victorious over life’s challenges.

He said, “Once you are in Christ and rely on His resurrection power, you shall overcome any challenge that comes your way.”

According to the Bishop of On the Niger Diocese, Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection brought about victory over sin, death, sickness, disease and all powers of darkness. He pointed out that whenever the devil has a grip on any person, he is never willing to let that person go; and to him, this is why man needs a deliverer. He added that this is also why Christians need to rely on Jesus Christ, the one who grants them victory.

The cleric stated that Christ’s resurrection gives the believer power over sin and death; and frees him or her from any condemnation.

The Bishop said, “There is power in the name of Jesus Christ and there is victory in His resurrection.”

Bishop Nwokolo warned that even though the devil has been defeated, he is yet to surrender and would continue to tempt children of God, as well as bring difficulties into their lives. He remarked that it is a continuous fight, but the Lord has assured believers of victory.

The Rt. Rev’d Owen Nwokolo said, “Christ has given us victory; it is now up to us to do our part here on earth and take authority over principalities and power.”


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