• Korede Akintunde
  • February 6, 2024

The first edition of the Standing committee for the year 2024 has commenced. The Meeting was offset with an Opening Service at the Cathedral of the Ascension Boji-Boji, Owa, at the Diocese of Ika, Delta State, Nigeria.
The Opening Service was enriched with a captivating Sermon from the Host Diocesan Bishop, The Rt. Rev’d Godfrey Ekpenisi. He queried the young generation with a self-reflecting question about the theme of the meeting “Who is on the Lord’s side?”.

Bishop Ekpenisi admonished bishops, clergymen, and other leaders of the Church to lead the younger generations and guide them in the spirit of righteousness. He stated “We have two ways to direct the young ones to either to the way of light or to the way of darkness.
“Let’s lead and guide them in the spirit of righteousness. If we follow them the way they live, we’ll destroy the church and destroy a future. Finally, servanthood.
“A straight road or a crooked road, it is very clear to us that quite a number of our young people have decided to take the crooked road.

Speaking further, Bishop Ekpenisi questioned “How do we fight this departure from the faith? When we are gone, what will happen to the Church?
Except we decide, gradually, in another 40, 50 years, we may begin to experience what the Western world is experiencing today, our youths are departing from the faith.”

However, he disclosed that there are strategic measures used in capturing young minds, he said “Everybody plays key roles in capturing young minds, at least the ones we have, they go nowhere. Let’s serve and not wait to be served. Let’s serve with contentment and not think of ourselves, but think of a church and a future.”

Bishop Ekpenisi concluded that God indeed is helping in raising people for the next generation, though evil may seem to prevail In the land, God is able and will bring them to His side. Evangelical campaigns and moves by Churches to bring people back to God will be needed in the next couple of years. Whether the devil likes it or not, the Church will continue to grow and the gates of hell will never be able to prevail, he added.

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