How can one rejig and fire up his spiritual life?

  • Ven. John Hassan
  • May 21, 2021

Venerable Gershinen Paul Dajur, PhD

Simply put, spiritual life means Life in Christ Jesus. That is a life that has been surrendered to Jesus Christ and Him alone. All those who are born again into Jesus Christ live in the spiritual life that is governed by the spirit of God. This shows clearly that spiritual life is not an issue of utterance and confession, but an issue of being. This life is expected to be lived in accordance with the Spirit of God. However, the vicissitudes of life have not made it possible for God’s children to live in that perfection that the world defines. It is not the world that says believers must be perfect but God; therefore, the world cannot assess the believer and grant him the certificate of perfection. I say this to encourage believers to make every effort to please God who is the ultimate and the best judge instead of men who can be partial in their judgment. There are many reasons why believers struggle with their spiritual life in Christ. Whatever the reason, the central point of attack comes from the devil who does not want God’s children to live in obedience to their Saviour and LORD. As believers in Christ Jesus, we must take our stand against the devil and all his schemes and be deliberate about firing up our spiritual life in accordance with the Spirit of God and his Holy Word in the Holy scriptures.

If anyone is struggling with his spiritual life the following points can help him to rejig and refire it.

  1. Cry unto God to save you. Do not take your lack of fire in the spiritual life casually, otherwise you will become a casualty. The absence of fire in your spiritual life is a suggestion that something is going wrong or about to go wrong with your spiritual life. Pray that God will re-ignite fresh fire upon you and your spiritual life.
  2. Force yourself to read the Word of God and to pray even when it doesn’t seem to make sense to you. It is true that the Bible will keep you from sinning or sin will keep you from the Bible. Therefore, as long as you are able to pray and to read the Word of God, go ahead and do it and through it the LORD God Almighty will re-ignite your spiritual life and bring it back on fire. One truth that you must keep behind your mind before the days when your fire becomes weak is the truth that God and his Word makes sense all the time. There is no such time in life that the Word of God will not make sense; therefore, do not give into the devil’s lies.
  3. Do not isolate yourself when you sense that your spiritual life is losing its fire and vibrancy. One strategy of the devil is to isolate whoever he wants to deal with so that he can handle him well without the interference and intervention of anyone. Whenever you sense that your spiritual life fire is going down quickly run into the fellowship of God’s children and your fire will be re-ignited. Do not forsake the fellowship of the church universal (you can connect with other fellowship through the internet as well as through the godly literatures that have been written by godly men) and the church triumphant (you can connect to the grace of those who lived before by reading their biographies and working through the experience).
  4. Vocalize and confess your faith and trust in God. Although some persons are used to praying in their minds, however, when it gets to this point of losing fire, it is important to speak out your prayers to your hearing. Your mind needs to hear your voice speaking and confessing faith in God and in Jesus Christ. There are times that keeping mute is a sign of vulnerability; therefore, you must resist being vulnerable by confessing a loud your faith and trust in God and in Jesus Christ. You can take advantage of the set prayers in the Book of Common Prayer (BCP) and in the prayer books written by some individuals as you pray. Make sure your prayer is loud enough for your spiritual ears to hear.
  5. Seek out pastoral care and support from your spiritual leaders. Do not hide this struggle from your pastors and spiritual leaders. Let your pastors and spiritual leaders know your struggle so that they can assist you through prayers and counseling.
  6. Submit yourself under a godly discipleship. The best place for accountability and responsibility in the Christian race is the place of discipleship. become a disciple under a discipler. This discipler will be able to guide, encourage and lift you up from your place of despondency.
  7. Stay away from friends and family who can easily quench the fire of your spiritual life. Remember what the Bible says is true that bad company corrupts good morals (1 Cor. 15:33). Keep off from addictive friends and tendencies. Disconnect from spiritually draining internet and social media platforms of relationships.
  8. Do not believe what anybody says online or on social media except if it agrees with the Holy Word of God in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments. There are many false and misleading teachings that are being propagated on the internet especially the social media that one has to be careful with. Be like the Berean Christians by checking everything any man says in the light of the Word of God (Acts 17:11).
  9. Do not be an inactive member of the Church. Make yourself available for the work of ministry in the Church where you belong. In most cases lukewarmness towards ministry in the Church translates into lukewarmness in one’s spiritual life. Avoid lukewarmness in every aspect of your life especially the spiritual life (Rev. 3:16).
  10. Always know that God alone through His Holy Spirit is able to keep anyone on fire in his spiritual life. Do not believe the neo-herbalists in suits and fanciful jackets when they offer formulas on how to maintain your spiritual life – it’s usually a guided formula that can make their clients slaves under them – eg. eating of grasses like animals and lying down to be trampled upon are a few examples of such enslavement.

The above points which are not exhaustive are some of the ways by which a believer who is already losing his fire in the spiritual life can get it back on track. Remember that God so love you and He has no intention to allow you to be destroyed by the enemy. Do not give up on yourself and do not quit on God. Trust God in your time of weakness and He will strengthen and keep your spiritual life on fire again 

Don’t give in to the blows of the enemy. It is not yet over until you win and your spiritual life catches fire again.

The LORD be with you.

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