• Korede Akintunde
  • May 3, 2024

The Most Revd Dr. Blessing C. Eyindah (JP), Dean of the Church of Nigeria, told delegates that God’s undeserved goodness knows no bound.

Speaking on this year’s synod’s theme, “I see Grace’’ And for this reason, the Lord will wait in order to show you his grace (Isaiah 30:18). In several ways, Archbishop Blessing clarified the adequacy of God’s undeserved favour. Declaring that Grace involves rules and human endeavours, which often times leads to misconceptions. The bible contains 170 instances of the word “grace” and 159 verses, signifying the potency of God’s gift.

In reference to Isaiah’s prophecy to the Israelites, who were disobedient and disloyal to God due to their cold-heartedness, God, in his infinite kindness, still extended grace to them. Archbishop Enyindah explained to Delegates that while God chastises wrongdoing, they should refrain from committing any form of sin in order to experience God’s unfailing grace. This serves to highlight the significance of grace, which is the gospel’s life for their welfare. He stated that no matter how long it takes and despite our sinful nature, God promises to show grace to believers.

He told believers that God’s ample grace is shown in many forms. But we must not ignore the requirement to remain faithful to God. God will always be kind to his people, so it is expected of believers not to lose hope in him even in challenging times.

The Archbishop admonished delegates that grace is an unmerited embrace and affection from another person; a term which can be used to describe a variety of situations, but it is primarily used to describe an unmerited favor given by a superior to a lesser. Howbeit, The Archbishop assured believers that regardless of one’s status, God’s grace breaks down boundaries by raising one to a higher plane.

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