Fathers’ Day 2023: What Foundation Will Your Children Build On – Bishop Nathan Kanu

  • Korede Akintunde
  • June 22, 2023

As we all know, being a father is the most demanding responsibility ever given to man by God. On the other hand, it is the most blessed and rewarding as well. It is through human fatherhood that we can begin to understand and better relate with God as our Father.

We all understand the importance of foundation to the durability, sustenance, and preservation of every building or structure. A solid and well-thought-out foundation guarantees the durability, sustenance, and preservation of any structure while a faulty foundation sets any structure on a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. So, the question we would want to consider for our celebration this year is “WHAT IF OUR CHILDREN BUILD ON OUR FOUNDATION?” The importance of this question and our response to it hinges on the fact that the rise and fall of every society depend on the values and virtues taught and lived out by its nuclear unit-the family. Every one of us prays, hopes for, and expects a brighter future in every aspect of our societal life.

We want and wish the best for our children and the future generations. But the big question is-How are we preparing to brighten the future for our children?  If our children build on the Moral, political, religious, and social foundations we lay today, how bright could their future and those of the Church and society be?  As we well know, every plant grows to bear the same fruit as the one the planter planted. 

Therefore, as we enjoy this year’s celebrations, we charge all our fathers in particular, and men, in general, to be conscious of how we live and the things we say and do daily, mindful of the fact that the young minds among us are watching and can only reproduce what we put in them or expose them to.

 Finally, may we strive always to shine the light of honesty, sincerity, hard work, and godliness before our children so that seeing our godly examples, they may reproduce godliness which alone can brighten the future of their life, the Church, and the entire society. We must live, say and do things that will challenge them to love the church, surrender to Christ as Lord and glorify God in all they do; for in doing so, our labors shall never be in vain. 

Once again, Happy Father’s Day to all our men! we wish you all a blissful celebration and God-favored homes. 

Many happy returns!!


The Rt. Revd. C.O. Nathan Kanu Diocesan,

Bishop of Aba Ngwa North, Anglican Diocese,

CONNAM Interim Coordinating Bishop.

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