• May 27, 2020


As Nigerians mark Children’s Day, the wife of the Primate of All Nigeria, Anglican Communion, Mrs Angela Eberechukwu Ndukuba has admonished children to note that they are leaders of tomorrow; and therefore, they should aim high at growing up to be responsible citizens of the society and be helpful to their families.

In an interview with ACNN reporter, Ogechukwu Nwanne, Mrs Ndukuba also urged parents to take very seriously the upbringing of their children; stressing that the training of a child should not be relegated to helps and technology. She debunked the misconception of some parents that training a child means giving that child whatever he or she wants; explaining that raising a child involves paying attention, patience and discipline.

To parents, she said, “No matter how busy you are, have time for your child and be aware of what he or she is doing.”

She advised parents to train up their wards in the way of the Lord and teach them proper cultural and Christian values. She mentioned that it is the duty of both parents to raise a child, take that child to Church and monitor what he or she is doing while in Church. She added that parents should be good examples to their children, because many children imitate the lifestyle of their parents. She however warned that anyone who refuses to raise his or her child properly should be prepared for the consequences; because according to her, a child who is not well-trained would bring shame to his or her parents.

Speaking on the proposed abolition of the Almajiri system, Mrs Ndukuba expressed that it is a good decision. According to her, regardless of the number permitted by one’s religion, parents should have the number of children that they can cater for; because proper parental upbringing is necessary in a child’s life.

The wife of the Primate encouraged all women seeking the fruit of the womb, to know that children are gifts from God and that at His time He would answer their prayers. She enjoined them to have faith in God and hope in Him; knowing that at His appointed time, He would do it for them.

Mrs Angela Ndukuba described the children’s day celebration as a day aimed at creating awareness about children’s rights; such as their right to education and the need to stop all forms of child abuse. Therefore, she urged parents to guard their children, especially the girl child, jealously. She said all children should be treated equally, without partiality; because every child is unique, whether male or female.

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