• Adesewa Orioye
  • July 2, 2024

In a resplendent display of tradition and faith, the Diocese of Badagry marked a significant milestone with the commencement of its Second Session of the Seventh Synod on Thursday, May 30th, 2024, within the hallowed walls of the Cathedral Church of St. Thomas, Badagry.

The atmosphere was set aglow by the harmonious melodies of the Diocesan choir, whose ethereal voices guided a majestic procession comprising esteemed Priests, Legal Officers, and the Diocesan Bishop, the Rt. Dr. Babatunde Joseph Adeyemi, to the sacred confines of the Holy Sanctuary.
Under the spiritual guidance of the Diocesan, the service of Holy Eucharist unfolded, following the sacred liturgy of 1662. Ven. S. M. Anko, with eloquence and reverence, guided the congregation through the Decalogue, instilling the essence of divine commandments in every heart present.

The ancient words of wisdom from the Old Testament, drawn from Joshua 24:14-28, were brought to life by the Deputy Chancellor of the Diocese, the erudite Barrister A. O. S. Hodonu, resonating through the sanctuary. The hauntingly beautiful chants of Psalm 16, skillfully rendered by the choir, provided a poignant backdrop to the sacred proceedings.
Dame Stella Iloh, with grace and dignity, illuminated the sanctuary with her reading of the epistle from 2 Peter 2:3-11, while the solemnity of the Gospel; Luke 10:38-42, was entrusted to a Deacon, Rev. E. J. Awani.
The focal point of the Synod, the Sermon, was delivered with fervor and insight by the esteemed Bishop of the Methodist Church Nigeria, Diocese of Badagry, The Rt. Rev. Dr. Sunday Onadipe. With heartfelt gratitude, Bishop Onadipe celebrated the enduring bond between the Anglican Communion and Methodism, tracing its roots back to the year 1842.

Expounding on the theme “The Good Portion,” derived from Luke 10:42, Bishop Onadipe eloquently underscored the fact that Like Martha, many of people get caught up in the busyness of life, worrying about countless tasks and responsibilities leaving little time for what truly matters.
He noted that Mary, unlike Martha, chose to sit at the feet of Jesus, prioritizing his presence above all else. The cleric emphasized that Jesus refers to Mary’s choice as the “good portion,” indicating that there is something deeply nourishing about spending time in his presence. In a world filled with distractions, people must cultivate the discipline of being present with God.
Martha’s concerns were temporary, but Mary’s choice was eternal. The good portion she chose could never be taken away from her. Bishop Onadipe affirmed the paramount importance of spiritual nourishment and communion with the divine.
Drawing parallels between ancient Jewish hospitality and the cherished traditions of the Badagry community, Bishop Onadipe urged the congregation to prioritize the cultivation of their spiritual essence above all else. With poignant clarity, he cautioned against the allure of materialism, emphasizing that true prosperity stems from the richness of one’s inner being. The exhortation to seek fulfillment in spiritual growth rather than external trappings resonated deeply with all present.
In a divine display of reverence and spiritual grace, Bishop Adeyemi, adorned in his sacred vestments, presided over the solemn celebration of the Holy Eucharist. With an air of solemnity, he led the congregation through the sacred rites, guiding them towards the pinnacle of the service.The apex of the ceremony unfolded as communicants, with hearts full of devotion, received the blessed elements, a tangible symbol of their communion with the divine.
In a heartfelt gesture, Bishop Adeyemi extended his profound gratitude to all who contributed to the sanctity of the occasion. His words of appreciation encompassed the preacher, the Diocesan legal official, esteemed dignitaries, synod delegates, and every soul gracing the sacred space with their presence.
With hearts uplifted and souls replenished, the service was brought to a close with the withdrawal hymn, “When Jesus Comes To Reward His Servants,” heralding the conclusion of a truly transcendent Synod session.

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