• March 28, 2020

“In times like this, hold your peace and look up to the Lord.”

This was the submission of the Primate of All Nigeria, Anglican Communion, the Most Rev’d Henry C. Ndukuba as he addressed the Church on the approach to take regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

Primate Ndukuba acknowledged that the virus is a threat to the entire world, including the world powers. He however stressed that the way to go is to return to God in prayer. He said it is time to call on the Lord for mercy and deliverance, hold onto Him and trust Him to do what He promised in His word.

He explained that religious activities have been minimized to help secure the lives of members; adding that every individual in the Church is important to God and the Church of Nigeria.

The cleric assured the Church of his prayers; encouraging all not to panic or be afraid, but to trust God.

He said, “This virus will pass away, but we need to look to the Lord, who is our refuge and strength. We should not be afraid, because the Lord God Almighty is with us.”

The Primate expressed conviction that there is a spirit behind COVID-19 and that it is a name that must bow to the name of Jesus Christ. He declared that none would die, but live to declare the goodness of the Lord.

He admonished Christians to utilize this opportunity of home stay to be in the place of prayer, rebuild family altars, and rejuvenate their relationship with God.

He further urged believers to stay safe and observe the instructions being given by the government and health authorities.

The head of the Anglican Church in Nigeria charged Christians not to be discouraged, but have a positive mind, because God would surely help His people and fight for them.

In the likelihood of a probable lockdown, The Most Rev’d Ndukuba advised Christians to use the provisions they have wisely and when possible, share with others who might be experiencing hard times. He urged Churches to stock their food banks in anticipation of rendering assistance to members in need and asked the clergy to ensure that the doors of the Church are always open to all who may wish to come in to pray.



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