• Korede Akintunde
  • September 22, 2023



The 14th General Synod of the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion held under the guidance and protection of the Almighty God at St. Mark’s Church, Nnewichi, Nnewi, Diocese of Nnewi from Tuesday, 12th – Saturday, 16th September 2023 with the theme “Arise and Build: God’s Mandate for God’s People in a Broken World” (Nehemiah 2:17-18). It was presided over by the Archbishop, Metropolitan, and Primate of the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, The Most Rev’d Henry C. Ndukuba, DD, and his wife Mrs. Angela E. Ndukuba, the President of Women and Girls’ organizations who presided over the Mothers’ Union Executives. In attendance were 155 Archbishops and Bishops, 187 Clergy, 453 Laity, and 298 members of the Mothers Union Executives.

Also in attendance to represent the Primate of the Church of the Province of West Africa was The Rt Rev’d Thomas B. Elango Dibo – Bishop of Cameroon. The Executive Governor of Anambra State, Prof. Charles Soludo, his Deputy, Sir Onyeka Ibezim, and some other Government functionaries were present at the Opening Ceremony to welcome the delegates to Anambra State.

The General Synod issues the following Communique:

The book of Nehemiah stands out as a rich resource for godly leadership and service to God and humanity which is applicable to our situation in Nigeria today.

The theme encourages personal walk with God, fervency in prayer, and consistency in following God’s instructions and word. Nehemiah was a pragmatic leader who took seriously the threat of opposition and responded courageously to their plots. We must be ready to do the right thing with God, for the welfare of the less privileged in society; corruption and injustice must be challenged. Building a just and equitable society must be the way forward. Building the lives of the people and their welfare is a very sustainable way to rebuild the structures of the society, the church, and the family.

Goodwill Message

The General Synod congratulates His Excellency, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, GCFR on his inauguration as the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed  Forces of the Federal  Republic of  Nigeria,  all elected  Governors and their  Deputies and members of the National and state assemblies. The General Synod further calls on the President and all those elected and appointed not to disappoint the people.

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Some challenges facing our Country:

 (i) Worsening Insecurity  in our Nation:

Increased insecurity has continued to haunt our nation.    The    Boko    Haram insurgents,  herdsmen militia,  bandits,  and the so-called unknown gunmen have continued to unleash terror in different parts of the country.     Some communities have been sacked by these criminals and in some cases, some government security agents have been implicated.   Hundreds of lives have been lost in acts of brutality which have left many victims.

We  are  grateful  to  God  that  the  elections   came   and   went  without   experiencing   the worst  possible  scenario  predicted  in  some  quarters.  A  recurring  concern  about  our election  process  includes  cases  of  vote  buying,  intimidation  of   voters   aimed   at frustrating and  compromising  the  future  of  the  people.  We  must  aim  at  modeling credible electoral process before the watching world.

Some of our  Church members have been victims of abduction and killing.  Kidnapping for ransom  is  on  the  increase   such  that  nowhere seems   safe.   Highways,   homes,   and    even    the    sacred    precincts    of  worshipping centres  are not spared.    We  condole  with   all  the  bereaved and  pray  for  the  eternal repose   of  the  deceased.    While  we  continue  to  call  on  Governments  to   stand  up   to their  primary  responsibility  of  safe  guarding  the  lives  and  property  of  Nigerians,  we enjoin   all   to   strengthen   security  measures  in   their   homes   and   institutions.

We  call on all citizens to be law-abiding, and vigilant, and  to  shun  all  forms  of violence  and criminality.

(ii) The Economy of our Nation and its effects on the citizens:

Our  crumbling   national   economy  has   continued   to   make   life   difficult   and   hard   for our  people.      As   the  value   of  the   Naira  continues  to  decline,   the   high   cost  of  goods and  services,  have  continued  to  soar.  Still  more,  the  sudden  removal  of oil  subsidy without  putting  in  place  adequate  measures  to  cushion  the   effect   of  oil   subsidy removal  has  added  to  the  ordeal,  hunger,  anger,  and  frustration   of  the   people.

The Synod calls on the Government to make all our refineries work. As a result of high unemployment   and   hard-biting   economic   conditions,   many   Nigerians   wallow    in abject  poverty,  and   many  either  flee   the   nation   in   search   of  better   living   conditions or  resort  to  crime  and   begging  to   survive.     This   situation   is  further  compounded  by the growing  debt  burden  that  is  mortgaging  our  future  and  that  of  upcoming generations.

We,  therefore,  urge  the   Federal  Government  and  its  relevant  agencies  to  immediately take  definite  and  realistic  measures  to  ameliorate   the   pains   and   suffering   of  the people. Furthermore,  Governments  need  to  provide  enabling  environment  for  the creation of more jobs by both the Government and the private sector.

(iii) The mass Exodus of our young professional population and the future of Nigeria:

The   General   Synod   observed   the   current   mass   exodus   of  our   professionals    and young  people  as  worrisome.  The  political,  economic  and  security  situations   in   the country  show  that  our  youth   have   little   to  hope   for  in   Nigeria.   This  perception   must be  changed   such  that  those  who   desire   to  go  out  of  Nigeria  will  do   so  by  choice  and not  because  they   feel   constrained.   This   problem   of  brain   drain   and   depopulation   of the most productive workforce needs to be thoroughly addressed and reversed.

Indices of Good Governance:

The Synod believes that Government has a constitutional and statutory duty of protecting human rights and securing basic justice for all. Society, as a  whole,  is responsible for building up the common good, and the role of Government is  to guarantee the minimum conditions that make human rights and justice possible.

Good governance ensures protection of the rights to life, human dignity, liberty,  fair hearing, among others. Despite the many failures of our leaders to  ensure  good governance,  we  still  nurture  and  sustain  the  hope  of  a  democracy  that  will  usher  in a renewed  era  of social justice,  equity,  peace,  and  prosperity. These  fundamental rights are further enhanced in the rights  that  are  enshrined  in  the  Constitution  of Nigeria, such as the rights to health, education, basic amenities, et cetera. Unfortunately, these rights are not  justiciable, thereby   leaving   the   enjoyment  of these rights to the whims and caprices of the people in power.

The General Elections

The General Synod observes, with dismay that the   multi-billion   naira   BVAS technology which was  promised  to  be  a game  changer in  our experience  of elections has been subjected to scandalous contradictions and the earlier official endorsements have now been riddled with ambiguities.

The Judiciary

The General Synod calls  on  the  Judiciary  to  remain steadfast  in  upholding justice, equity and fairness and abhor any act that will put the Judiciary to question.

Hike in Tuition of Educational Institutions:

The General Synod observed the recent widespread hike in school fees, especially in Government  owned  institutions.  This   has  the  potential  to  deny  the  masses  access  to good and affordable  education.  This  move  may  have  been  out  of  good  intentions  to recover the fallen standard of education but it is ill-timed,  given  the  harsh  economic conditions  unleashed   by   the   sudden   removal   of  subsidy.   To   remedy   this   situation, the General  Synod  calls  on  Government  to  return  to  the  status  quo  in  view  of  the present harsh economy.

Federal Character

The General Synod calls upon Government to uphold our   cherished   Federal Character  policy  as  enshrined   in  our  Constitution   to   reduce   tension   in  our  polity. We  encourage  the  Government of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to  tread  on  the  path of fairness, equity and  justice  in the distribution of  positions, appointments and general infrastructure to guarantee inclusiveness in   building   the   nation   of  our dream.

New Constitution

The  General  Synod  advices  a  total overhaul and  review  of  the  Constitution  of  the Federal  Republic  of  Nigeria   1999   as   amended   to  reflect  the   aspirations   and  values  of all  peoples  and  cultures.  A  way  forward  is  to  revisit  the   recommendation  of  the National Conference of 2014.

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Finally, we need to rebuild the  broken  foundations,  the  walls  and  secure  the  gates  of our lives, the family, the mission and ministry of  the Church  and indeed,   the spiritual, moral and prophetic voice for God in this nation and the world.

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