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Bible Study Guide for Sunday May 2, 2020

3rd Sunday after Easter May 2, 2020
Attributes of Jesus Christ (1)
TOPIC: The Word of God
TEXTS: Genesis 1:1-3,6,9; John 1:1-3; John 14:8-9.


  1. To expound the reality of the word spoken in creation,
  2. To expose the fact that the spoken word cannot be dissociated from the speaker and
  3. That the relationship between God and the word will remain an eternal mystery.

The account of the creation of the world has been stated in Genesis 1: the world was created by the spoken word of God (note the repeating phrase in Genesis 1, “Then God said…”). The Word possessed life and the life was the light (The first to be created) of the world. Jesus is the Word of God in John 1:1-3 who made all things that were created to come into existence?

  1. State how God created the world in 1:1-3,6&9. Is it possible to dissociate the word spoken from the speaker of the word? If not, explain further.
  2. The Word of God possesses life and the life is the light of the world. John1:3. Explain this statement of fact with reference toJohn11:25;John8:12;9:5;1Cor15:20.
  3. The first thing to be created is light. Justify this with the first born of creation in Col. 1:12-17. Who then can you say is “the Light and the first born of creation”?
  4. How is Jesus manifesting in our generation as the Word of God? Mark16:17;John 14:12-14

There are mysteries concerning the divine nature and to the relationship between God the Father and the Son. They are too deep for human explanation; we have to wait for eternity to solve them. However, this is clear: that God creates and speaks to man through ‘the Word’. As we clothe our thoughts in words, God reveals his will by the Word, and when that Word is clothed in flesh, as the Saviour of mankind, we recognize Him as Jesus Christ.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Since a person and his or her word is one, so is God and His word.
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