• Korede Akintunde
  • May 7, 2024

The Primate of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), His Grace, The Most Revd Dr Henry C. Ndukuba, on Friday, May 3rd, 2024 in Abuja at a Pre-Synod press conference organised in respect to the commencement of the Diocese of Abuja Second Session of the 12th Synod, schedule to start on Thursday, May 9, 2024, with the theme “By this time tomorrow, breaking the siege upon the nation” taken from 2 Kings chapter 7, lamented that there is massive corruption that is going on in Nigeria. He said that the economic and security challenges that Nigeria is going through as a nation, has shown that the country is under economic, spiritual and security siege.

The Primate emphasized on the idea of having a church Synod as taken from the Bible about the meeting of God’s people for the church leaders to take decisions about what to do.
According to the Primate, Synod is an opportunity for us to encourage each other because there’s the need for divine intervention to address the spiritual, financial, economic, social, political, and moral challenges facing the nation. Drawing from Acts of the Apostles, chapter 15, he described the synod gathering as a platform for prayer, discussion of church and national issues, decision-making, and accountability.

“So, we will be meeting under the guidance of God, as the church met in acts of the apostles, chapter 15, and took decisions that helped the church in the spread of the gospel, in nurturing the members and in building up the people of God,” he added.
Speaking on the theme, the Primate related it about the current situation in Nigeria. According to him “When we look at that text, it is an account of what happened when the king of Syria, came attacking Israel, the northern kingdom of Israel.

In his address, primate Ndukuba affirmed that Nigeria is a greatly blessed nation, but what we are experiencing is as though we are under siege. Because it is a common thing among us that some of us cannot even know where the next meal will come. There have been newspaper reports, and media reports, concerning the suffering that Nigerians are going through.
He noted that it is not strange to hear in Nigeria that a woman sold one of her children to feed the family or some other things that are so horrible and dehumanising. Adding that there’s a spiritual siege to divide the country and create problems.

Archbishop Henry defined what a siege is, he said “The siege is a military tactic in war by which an invading army may surround a city and cut off all supplies to the city to make the people surrender or starve to death. Such situations create not only famine and starvation but disease and oftentimes lawlessness.
“It is a tactic that is used to subdue the enemy or the foreseen enemy. When we consider the situation in our nation, Nigeria, Nigeria is like a nation that is under siege. Security-wise, we are dehumanized. In addition, he said that one of the ways to humiliate or dehumanise a city or a nation is through siege, saying that apart from being under economic siege, Nigeria is also under spiritual siege.

“In some cases, you will find out that is merchandising and weaponizing of religion and the regions identities. And because of this weaponization and merchandising of religion, there is a spiritual siege in which religion is used to exploit the people, divide the communities, and create problems.
“Also, we are under socio-political and cultural siege in a situation where there is no rule of law, no social obligations, and no accountability by leadership, we see that things get out of hand like Chinua Achebe, would say, ‘Things fall Apart’ and the centre can no longer hold. Many have given up hope, the rate of suicide shows there’s need for divine intervention.
Speaking on fuel subsidy and hardship, the Primate asked a rhetoric question, “Must we import fuel?” He said the removal of fuel subsidy even though it may burst economy, it should be done with the interest of the people. He said, if we work together as a people and put the good of other people at heart, Nigeria will be a great nation.

He urged the government at all levels to prioritise the minimum wage and put workers’ welfare first, noting the hardship Nigerians were currently facing. Stressing that Nigerians are not lazy, all we need is a conducive environment to do our best.
Moreso, he said, we’re not talking about minimum wage but living wage that can help people to live a more dignified life.

The Primate assured that the Diocese of Abuja will continue to work to support the government in education, health, and other areas to alleviate the suffering of humans. “We will continue to establish churches, growing members. The BERTH-RAPHAEL MISSION MEDICAL CENTER at Wuye in Abuja, shall be commissioned to support the health of people.

He added that the Church will continue to engage in mission and ministry in bringing help, empowerment, and support to individuals, families, and communities to work and also support the efforts of the government in education, social services, health and other areas that we will be able to help alleviate the sufferings of our people and meet the needs of our people.
In addition, the diocesan faith-based organization is engaging in community and working with other organizations to fight against drug addiction and other addictions that are ruining the lives of many young people as well as destabilizing many families.

He further stated that the aim of the Church is to prepare young people for the future, not only in formal education but skills acquisition and informal education. We’re trusting God that the siege of wickedness which has been upon this nation, morally, physically, spiritually, financially will be dealt with so that through this synod, God will heal our nation and bring restoration to whatever the enemy has done.
He admonished the church leaders and members to bear the mind of God especially when things are not done rightly. The church must lead by example, he added.

Finally, he congratulated the press dearly and assured them of his prayers. He prayed that God will hear the cry of His children, come down in his mighty power and intervene to break the siege that is so dehumanizing Nigeria be it in physical, economic, financial, spiritual and more.

In concluding his address, primate Ndukuba disclosed that this synod is about hope, intervention, and the power of God being experienced in situations that may be hopeless and helpless. He prayed that God in his awesome power shall surely arise for us and help his people.
The Synod will be held from the 9th to 12th of May, 2024 at the Basilica of Grace Church, Gudu, Abuja.

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